Monday, July 1, 2013

It's July Already!

Oi Family and Friends!

It's pretty awesome that it's July already. We had a pretty good week, just keep trying to find as many people as we can. We finally got to sit with some families and give them the start up lesson. Hopefully this week we can see them start progressing. We also have this list of people who have potential but for some reason we can just never sit with them, so hopefully we can sit with them soon. 

Ana Mira is still such a champ, she studies everything we give her, it's just she just can't get to church, which is pretty frustrating because that's all that is holding her back. We will keep trying with her. But me and Elder Tingey are doing pretty good. 

This past Wednesday we went to the airport to see the others off, it was weird, like super weird. And a little sad but it's got to happen sometime. It's just weird without Richter, Arrington and Harper around, especially Harper because I was living with him these past three transfers. 

On Saturday the Merrill's finally got here, although they lost their luggage, but it was so cool to meet with them. Kind of an embarassing moment though for me....I shook President Merrill´s hand for the first time and he goes "Hi Elder Brown, I'm that random guy." Apparently he read my blog and he saw that four months ago that when we found out that President Thompson wasn't going to be called but I said they just called this random guy. Well he remembered that for 4 months and introduced himself as that random guy. Upside, he knows who I am now, downside it was a little embarassing. But they are so awesome, just the little time I have been around them, it's going to be so awesome finally to be a mission. 

This week were having a mission conference on Thursday and Friday, and I will have a 20 minute interview with him on Saturday. So this week is going to be really awesome, just boost us up big time. It's weird that alreadly half the year is gone and that time just keeps going. 

Oh yeah and I baptized Scurina on Saturday which was pretty awesome as well, but now we don't have anyone with baptismal dates so we gotta step it up big time now. Oh yeah I forgot another story. On Friday, 5 of our 6 lessons fell through, pois. So we decided to do some exploring of our area, because Mundial is part of our area, and I've never been there and I wanted to see if it was walking distance from Nosso Super, well it's not. We walked way out to the middle of nowhere, wow it was an adventure. We eventually ended up at the Matadouro, which is the place where they slaughter cows. This taxi guy gave us a little tour of the place and they had these cool cows with these cool looking horns. It was cool to finally see cows here since we only see pigs and chickens. 

Packages are great, thanks Mom! I think the Dr. Pepper, since its so expensive can be a Christmas gift. Since I won't need a lot of things for Christmas. But that's still a good 6 months away. But overall I'm doing fine. Summer seems to be going swell, Sorry Kade that you jumped in the pool with your new iPhone. Hopefully it should be ok. 

Mission is hard but great. Weird still that I'm already done with a majority of it. But just gotta keep going and keep working, having faith, and doing everything I possibly can. Have a good week everyone and a good 4th!


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