Monday, July 22, 2013

Good Week

Oi Family and Friends!

So this letter is going to be a little short because I forgot my planner at the house so I won't be able to remember everything we did this week, just know we did work! Well I guess I will just go on an investigator by investigator basis. Ana Mira came to church! Finally in over a month. Her son dropped her off and the branch loved her. We were going to have Elder Wilhelm carry her up the stairs because stairs are so hard for her. But she got to the stairs and said to the effect that she doesn't need to be carried but with the help of Jesus she would climb every step. She is so funny, but this is a good step for her, she loved it. 

Danilson and his family, he is a little sketched out about the Book of Mormon, but at least he is reading it. He really needs to pray about it and I have faith that God will show him the way. When we invited him to church again, he was iffy like he didn't really like it the first time or didn't want to come back. Well in Sacrament Meeting, he comes in with his entire family! I was so caught off guard, I literally shed a couple of tears and offered a big prayer of gratitude. So we will just keep working with them. 

Another cool person, Lucas. We sat with him once and taught a little bit of the second lesson, and he also came with his wife and baby, so awesome! We had 11 investigators in church this week! Literally a record in this area. It was so awesome, and then we had some awesome food at Zinga's house. This juice company Nutry, which isn't my favorite, came out with this Apple Juice, best apple juice on the planet, awesome. 

Yesterday me and Elder Tingey got thrown into the Primary to teach the CTR's, haha, Elder Tingey tried his best. Today we went to the Praça and I spent some more money and bought some cool wood stuff. The Chinese kind of inflated the market today but I got this cool like Elephant table thing. Elder Tingey splurged big time on this fatty Rhino for 60 bucks. It's so huge and it's going to take alot of room in his suitcase. It was an impulse buy, next week I will send pics and such of our Praça accomplishments. 

The vacation sounded pretty fun, I'm fine really, you can tell me it doesn't really bother me. I got the rest of my life to do those things, so I'm good. Good thing Ridgely didn't get too sick or anything while she was in Fiji. Overall everything is good. Next summer will be fun:) Everyone have a good week and have a fun time in London, say Hi to Laura for me:)


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