Monday, June 24, 2013

Halfway Done

With Transfers.

Oi! Family and Friends!

Well I just finished up with my 8th transfer. And now I got 8 left to go, kind of weird, seems like a far ways away, but just got to keep going. Well this last week, not to be a debbie downer or anything, didn't go too hot. I was sick dying for like 3 days. Me, Elder Tingey and Elder Hobbs, stuck in the house Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Hated it, hate being sick. So that kind of sucked. 

Then on Friday, when I'm like ready to go out and baptize the world in my area, I have to do a division in Futungo because I had to give 5 baptisim interviews to this family. That was a marathon BTW. Then Saturday I had another division with Elder Harper because Elder Hobbs had to do an interview in our area for Scurina. Which she will get baptized this Saturday which is awesome and she picked me to baptize her. So I haven't worked in my area for awhile which is kind of frustrating but hopefully some things work out. 

Transfers, me and Elder Tingey stay together again for another transfer. The only change in our house that happened is that Elder Harper is going home and Elder Pimental is coming up to be Zone leader with him. So that will be a nice little change up. 

But overall, June kicked my butt. Hardest month of my life, but July should be a lot better. President Merrill gets here this Saturday so that should help out alot here, it will be way exciting to actually have him here and working with them. 

Its awesome that summer is going so well for everyone, croquet is a pro sport in the Brown home now, boys playing golf, etc. Everyone seems like there having a blast. And it really sucks that the Heat won, but oh well, hate Lebron. 

I really don't have much to write this week, I was mostly trying to overcome my sickness. I guess random experience on Sat. while we were studying in the morning, we get a knock at our door and it's Jehovah Witness Missionaries. Long story short we have a 20-30 min discussion about life after death, they believe there is nothing after death until the Ressurection, and about the Book of Mormon. They said they want to teach us so we shall see how that goes haha. 

But yeah, oh I got the package today as well as that 20 dollars that Grandma and Grandpa Brown sent me:) But yeah this transfer I hope it picks up in the area, we will work as hard as we can and hopefully the Lord will bless us here and find the person were supposed to find in this area. Sorry Mom, I know you hate short letters, but I Love You! I love all of you guys and thanks for all the support! Until next Monday!


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