Monday, July 29, 2013

Week Went By

Oi Family and Friends!

This week was not the greatest, not the worst. Three of our good investigators were out of town this week so we didn't have many lessons, and we didn't find anyone too awesome, but I'm still keeping the faith. I guess the highlight lesson of the week was a lesson with Danilson and his family with Presidente Quiame. We were teaching about the gospel of Jesus Christ, and with Presidente, he kind of just goes off on this rant of spirtual things, which isn't bad, haha it just takes awhile. Well we got it down that Danilson really does want to follow these things that we're teaching and come to our church and leave his church, but he was afraid of what other people would say and judge and such. We talked to him and promised him blessings and asked them to pray with his family of which church they should attend. I love that family so much, they are my family. I'm never going to give up on them. 

Well we were supposed to sit with them again on Saturday but the pump broke. We have had a broken pump for almost 2 months now. Well we were waiting for this pump guy all day, and we decided to finally leave, and literally the minute we were about to leave, who knocks on the door, the pump guy. So we had to stay home all day on Saturday. I went a little crazy. 

Well yesterday, Danilson´s family came, I think we have them:) Just have to get them married and that family will be baptized:) I'm so excited:) Well that was the real highlight of the week. 

The youth had a camp this weekend, so church was a little weird, all the youth in the district went. And while they were gone they ranked us missionaries for cuteness or whatever. Elder Tingey got first, of course. I pulled out 5th out of 6th, whatttt uppppp. Haha its funny. 

Oh also we had dinner last night with President and Sister Merrill which was really awesome. Oh btw this is what President wrote me about picking me up: yes, your parents can pick you up if they wish. They need to let me know FOR SURE at least 3 months before you are released. We cannot shorten or extend your release date and they have to make all their own travel arrangements. The church does not encourage it but it is not forbidden:). So there you have it. 

London seems like it's a blast, as well as Paris with Laura, that girl getting on the news, of course;) Haha love her. Hopefully the boys aren't destroying the house back at home. Yeah we find out about transfers this next Monday. Officially we don't know if anyone is coming because officially no one has gotten their visas yet. It's just all this someone knows a guy who knows a guy kind of thing, so we shall see. 

Loving it here, Africa is awesome, just got to keep on trucking. I've gotten so much stronger out here in Angola, and I can't wait to bring that back home with me and put it into practice:) Well I love you guys and hope everything is going well back at home. Crazy here in a month, you guys go back to school and BYU Football starts back up, a year goes by fast. Love you guys miss you all!!!!!


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