Monday, September 30, 2013

Pictures Week #69

Serra de Leba
Cristo Rei

Hard Working Week

Oi! Family and Friends!

This week was an intense week work wise. We got 30 lessons this week. 30! I've always wanted to get 30 lessons in a week but it's just way hard, and finally me and Elder Cafferty did it. But it was really hard, haha. Alot of hard work but we got it, so I'm happy. 

Last Pday we went to Serra de Leba and Cristo Rei, which was really awesome. Serra de Leba was probably the coolest thing I've seen in my life, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see it. And then Cristo Rei was pretty cool, it's just up on a mountain overlooking all of Lubango. But it probably was one of the best Pdays I've had here. 

One guy that we met this week is named Zecarlos. We were waiting for a new person to meet us, but she never showed up. But he walked past us and started talking to us. We got his number and passed his house later in the week. Our first time sitting with him was a little weird. He went off on his life problems, how he owns the house but all of his neighbors are trying to get him to leave. He won't leave so they throw rocks at his house and at his roof, causing there to be holes in the roof. Write cuss words with his name and his son's name on the door, etc. It's a sucky situation but he has a good attitude and he isn't leaving. 

Well our next visit we taught the first lesson which went well, and he is very humble. He admitted that he is like a child with the gospel, he doesn't know much and he wants to take it slowly. Well then I invited to be baptized on the 9th of November, and his response was so funny. He said that he would respect my date because I was the missionary, but if I invited him to be baptized tomorrow he would be there haha. It was so funny, he is going to get baptized, and he really liked church yesterday so he is going to be a solid member. 

Today for Pday were going to this tiny animal park so that should be fun. There is always something to do for Pday here so that's way cool. I'm truly seeing the miracles of hard work and just the touch of the Master´s hand in all things, it's amazing. I'm loving it here, I really am. Weird that it's only 8 more months, but that still a long time right. 

That's cool that our ward split, it's weird that weve now been through 3 different ward splits since we moved there. But the work of the Lord just keeps growing and growing and growing. Good luck to Kell on his driving test, and get your grades up to man! Ridge seems like she is doing good in college and hopefully she does well on her 4 tests this week. 

The Angolan people are funny, they have there little quirks that I'll probable bring home and have for the first couple of weeks back at home. But I love them, they are so funny and awesome. I love you all, I hope you guys have a wonderful week, and enjoy General Conference. I'll for sure be missing it bad. Love you all!


Monday, September 23, 2013

Pictures Week #68

Zone Conference 
Leanor, Clari, and Elder Brown


Oi Family and Friends!

So my first week here in Lubango has been great. I'm really loving it here. This is really a cool place to serve and a different feel than Luanda. But first at the beginning of the week, last Monday Elder Kearney and Elder Clifford got robbed at gun point and got all their stuff taken away which kind of sucks. Then there was this whole big drama with the police and the robbers, its just a huge story that I don't really want to write down right now. But at least there ok. 

Anyways, the bus ride from Huambo to Lubango was superrrrr long. And for 3 hours of it, it was on a dirt road, which kicked up dust everywhere, it was dirty. Also our bus broke down so we had to switch buses as well, so it was a long trip but I finally got here. Lubango is kind of a mini Luanda. I'm working in the city which is interesting because I've never worked in the city before, but it's awesome. It's kind of hot here, but not as hot as Luanda. And when it starts pouring down here in a bit, I'm sure it will cool down. 

Elder Cafferty is awesome, we're going to do great work here. Also I live with Elder Kearney which is his last transfer here, and Elder Wilson. Our house is pretty nice, it's the Violin's old house before they went home, so its pretty nice. The branch down here is pretty small and kind of needs alot of help, but the members are pretty cool. I met Amarildo's mom and sister which was kind of weird because they all are very alike. 

I got to take all of my stuff down because I took the bus all the way down to Lubango. And as far as packages, when someone like President or the AP's come down, they will probably bring them, they come down once a month. I don't know very many people here but I got to know this recent convert Leanor and her daughter Clari who are really awesome and strong. They are so cool, and so solid in the gospel. Too bad that in a bit Leanor goes off to China for awhile. 

Also here in Lubango, mountains surround Lubango, it's pretty cool. And they have Cristo Rei, which is like what Rio de Janiero has which is a Christ statue overlooking the city. We will go up there one of these P Days. Also there is plenty of stuff to do here for P Days so I'm really excited for that. Also here in Lubango they have a native tribe here called the Manhuilas. They are legit tribal people, and it's mostly women. And they walk around the city alot so we see them, the only problem is they don't really wear clothes. Like they wear some cloth around their waist, but they don't have a top or anything, it's kind of awkward sometimes, but oh well. I just can't wait to see what Lubango has in store for me in my time here. Sucks that BYU lost but whatcha gonna do, just move on. I love you all and I hope you guys have a great week.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Surprise, surprise!

Oi! Family and Friends!

Well Well Well..... haha. Well I've got a few suprises up my sleeves. But first I'll start with the boring stuff. Me and Elder Merkley were working hard, taught good lessons with Armando and Danilson's family, all that good stuff. Wednesday night, at the end of our nightly planning session, I get a call from President Merrill. He calls and says well you know there is a zone conference down in Huambo, so were doing transfers early to make it easier. Your getting transferred to Lubango and your going to Huambo tomorrow by bus tomorrow night. Wow! Haha I was so excited, I never, everrrr, thought I would see the Provinces. 

So I had to start packing that night, and the next day. And then the next night me, two other missionaries and the AP´s hopped on a bus down to Huambo. I was a little sad because I wasn't able to say goodbye to anyone. But I guess thats just the life of a missionary. But anyways that bus ride was a killer. 11 Hours at night driving across Angolan bumpy roads. Che, that was long but me and Elder Wilhelm had some good talks. One stop for the bathroom we had to get out on the side of the bus and pee in the dirt with all these other guys facing the road where people were driving by haha, oh man that was an experience. That bus was an experience and I still have another 11 hour bus ride tomorrow to Lubango, not looking forward to that. 

But we got here in Huambo early in the morning on Friday, kind of lounged around a bit because we were tired. Then later in the day I went out with Elder Clifford and Elder Whitaker to teach some lessons. Huambo is a beautiful, civil place. All the roads are paved, so many tress everywhere, it's just so awesome and beautiful and I'm glad I had the chance to come here and see it. That night we met up with President and Sister Merrill for dinner at this real real expensive place, ridiculous, and it was alright. 

On Saturday we had our Zone Conference which was so good. I love President and Sister Merrill so much. Later that night we had a barbeque at our house, which was also good. Sunday we went to church, to a member's house for lunch then a fireside which I had to translate for Sister Merill. And I was so nervous that I couldn't remember easy words and such, and I didn't do so well, but that's ok I got through it. 

On the way back we saw fireworks, it was real cool. Then today we played some soccer and now we're here. It's been real fun to be here with the missionaries down here in the Provinces, it's been a ton of fun. Although I've been a little sick, but I hope it will pass soon. But I'm really excited to go and serve in Lubango and do the best I can down there. I just need to strive to follow the Spirit, and serve everyone I possibly can, and the things that I fault or can't do, the Lord will make up for the rest. That's the beauty of the Atonement, and I'm so happy to have that knowledge. Well, that's about it until next week, my first week in Lubango, wish me luck! Love you ALL and have the greatest week ever!


P.S. forgot but I'm companions with Elder Cafferty now, and I'm living with Elder Wilson and Elder Kearney. Also if you do send a package, I could use some solid shoe insoles. Ummm... also the internet out here in the Provinces isn't that good so you might not be getting as many pictures in the future, just a heads up. Love you Guys!!!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Pictures Week #66

Elder Brown loves these kids!
Just on a street
Lionel's baptism
This is why energy stinks!

This week was pretty awesome!

Oi! Family and Friends!

This week, well some stuff went down this week that's for sure. Well I'll start off with the highlight of the week, a lesson with Armando on Tuesday night. The greatest lesson of my mission so far yet and we really didn't talk that much at all. I hope you guys remember Armando, he got shot in the leg, been in a cast since May so he can't come to church. Well anyways, turns out he is in 4th Nephi, because all he can really do is read. So that was really cool when he told us that. And then, I don't remember exactly what I said, but to the effect I said that this gunshot was really a blessing, and then he just went off of how it has blessed his life. How its helped him with his relationship with God, how its helped with his relationship with his wife, just everything. How it has changed his life, he was tearing up throughout this. The Spirit was so strong. He is such a changed man because of the Gospel, it's quite amazing to see. I said the closing prayer, like one of the greatest prayers I've ever said, and after that I gave him a hug. The best lesson of my mission without a doubt. He still has some obstacles in his way, marriage and money and all that, but he will get through that, I know he will. 

Anyways that night as well we found out about an emergency transfer, Elder Hobbs is out of the house to Cassquel with Elder Chandler, Elder Pimental left the house to Luanda 2 with Elder Hyde, and Elder Fontaine went with Elder Garn in Terra Nova. So now it's only 4 of us in the house, which is kind of weird. But anyways, transfers are next Monday, and I'm hoping I get moved haha but we will see. 

Ok this next part was a lil freaky, but it turned out ok. On Thursday we had interviews at the office so we have to walk there, and this is in the morning too. Well me and Elder Merkley were walking on one side of the road, and these two guys cross the street, say hi and ask for money. And here we always get asked for money so I didn't think nothing of it, I was just like "sorry we can't." Well one of the guys starts to mess with Elder Merkley's bag, and then he shoves half of his arm down Elder Merkley´s pocket. And then I realized we were getting robbed. I hit the guy´s arm and he comes out with Elder Merkley´s planner. I snatched it out of his hand, and then all of the sudden, a guy on a moto stops and starts yelling at the guys. They get distracted so me and Elder Merkley walk off really fast, and make sure we weren't followed. Well Elder Merkley told me after, because I didn't see it, the guy who was standing behind me had a screwdriver. So our loving Heavenly Father intervened and made sure nothing bad happened, so I'm eternally grateful for that, don't need a screwdriver hole in my back or in my shirts haha. 

On Saturday we had a branch baptism for this 8 year old in my area, named Lionel. Elder Tingey baptized him and I confirmed him which was really cool. I am so psyched BYU crushed Texas, hopefully it's the same way with Utah, they deserve it. Yeah I loved the package, but I forgot to take a pic, so you will get that next week, sorry mom! But all that Provo stuff sounds so awesome, with family and friends and all that, ah I can wait haha. Well I love you guys, have an awesome week!


Monday, September 2, 2013

Pictures Week #65

Miradouro and his nephews
Elder Brown has walked this alley so many times....
The monkey again


Oi! Family and Friends! 

This week was really good for us, really working hard and doing everything to serve the Lord. It is so weird that Ridgely is at BYU. Like so weird, and especially right across where I lived two years ago. Man, I cant believe that was two years ago, that seems way too much than it's actually been since me, Peyton, Mason, Andrew, and Devon was wrecking it up there haha, good times, good times. 

Well my week went pretty well, kind of up and downish. We have tons of baptismal dates. But that's only because pretty much anyone we sit with, we try and leave a baptismal date so we can really judge if they have a desire or no. But hopefully we can see some baptisms here in this area soon.  But I think like here in 2 weeks when we have transfers I will leave this area. Which I'm kind of hoping because I've been here for 5 transfers, just like Viana, and that is a long time. Like I love it here, but I need a change. 

Today I got the package!! Whooohooo. Dr. Pepper is going to be awesome. And on the road this past week I bought a Dr. Pepper shirt, what are the odds of that. But yeah, scary thing happened this past week. Some Elders got robbed, and one of them tried to resist, and he got stabbed a bit. But he is doing well and they weren't serious wounds but still. Hopefully just with continuing faith in the Lord, he will keep us safe. 

Umm what else happened. Ummmmmmmmmm. Man my mind is going blank. That was really sad about the BYU game, got me a lil depressed, I really don't know my I am so affected by BYU sports, but I am. One of my flaws I guess. Anyways that must have been scary with Mom´s accident, but I'm glad she is ok. 

Also congrats to William going to Taiwan. Going to be quite an adventure, haha no doubt. I'm sorry this letter is kind of boring, not anything really happened this week. My cooking skills are going good, I think I will handle my own with cooking when I get home. And animal wise, Disney was better, but the whole experience, obviously the real one haha. (I teasingly asked what safari was better, the one we did at Disney's Animal Kingdom or the real one)

One thing I do know. Church is true. I know that we are all Children of God and he has his hand in our lives each and everyday. We just have to pay attention to the tender mercies that the Lord sends in our lives. The Book of Mormon is awesome. I just finished it for the 3rd time on my mission and I love the Book of Mormon. So much, read it always, everyday. It will help you guys so much in your lives. I love you all, so so so much. And I miss you guys so much. Like so much. But it's ok, just a little under 9 months to go to I see all of you guys. Have a great week, and good luck to Ridge on her first week of College classes:) Until next week!