Monday, October 29, 2012

Week #22 Pictures

All of Cahilos Family



Celmas' Kids

Elder Tolman and Elder Brown walking

A New Beginning Again-5 Months Down!

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty good for us. So Elder Richter and Elder Tolman switched on Wednesday, and ever since we have been doing work. It really has been going good these last couple of days, we have been really finding, teaching, and the baptizing will surely follow. We set another baptismal date with Alegria, so right now were up to 6 dates which is so exciting for us. Our next baptism is on the 17th of Nov. with Paulinho, and I love that crazy kid, haha he is going to be a part of my life forever no doubt. 

Yeah food is interesting here for sure when you eat at people's houses. But it really is fine and sometimes good. Last night Amandio taught us how to cook this really good chicken and rice, it was so delicious, I wish I could cook or learn how to cook that well, so we will see if that improves with my time here on the mission. 

We also got a new missionary named Elder Whittaker who I just met today, and I met Elder Tilly for the first time as well because he just came up from Lubango. Everyone is really cool. 

Today we played soccer, and basketball in the rain today which was super fun, but I cut up my knee pretty bad but whatever. Then on the way here to do emails, the police pulled us over and took our documents and wanted a bribe to get them back, haha only in Angola. We got our documents without paying so that was good. Oh and the tuna burgers our just these patties of tuna that I buy and fry up to eat. 

Elder Richter has about 8 months left on his mission, so he speaks really good. I really think my language is going to go up during my time with him. Here some things about Elder Richter, he is 6 of 8 kids, he lived in Qatar because his Dad works there, he has traveled alot to different countries, and he went to BYU for a year before the mission. He is really interested in the outdoorsy kind of things like hiking and climbing and such, and he is pretty cool. He really loves it here and is hard worker, so its going to be good being companions with him. 

Halloween really isn't celebrated here, but the branch is having a halloween activity this Saturday so I think we will go to that, but other than that business as usual. I'm glad Dad had a really good bday, and I miss playing golf so much. I hope you guys have kept my beats in good shape for when I get home. I'm also glad all is well with everyone doing all their different things like golf, football, school, trunk or treat, etc. Sounds like everyone is having a good time. 

It's crazy that in this transfer that the elections will be over, it will be December, and I will be past 6 months, or a quarter of my mission, crazy huh? Anyways thats about it for this week, I think this transfer will come and go pretty fast, and that the rest of this year will go by pretty fast, before you know it it will be 2013, crazy. Anyways love you all and I love all the support you have for me out here. Also tell Grandma and Grandpa Brown I got their letter this past week as well. Love you all!!


Monday, October 22, 2012

More Pictures!

Gildo, Elder Brown, and Luis

View from a taxi


Group Shot

Elder Brown Rocking it out!

Crazy Paulinho

Eva, Juana, and Delsion

Nile Dutch Thugs (Elder Brown, Elder Tolman and Elder McAllister)

Elder Tolman, Vanda, and Elder Brown

Elder Brown and Luisa

Elder Brown and Paulinho

Change is a Coming

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week went surprisingly fast for the last week of the transfer. Well we did find out about transfers and I am staying in Viana but with a new companion named Elder Richter, so we will see how that turns out in the coming weeks, so the only change in our house is that Elder Tolman is leaving to become a new zone leader for one of the zones. So yeah thats what's happening with me and transfers. And I am excited for this transfer because its set up to be a really good successful transfer for us, so we shall see. 

So the packages I got were my Halloween one, and I got the black box one that was sent from Aug. 27th. and I got Aunt Val and Uncle David's letter, and Laura´s letter as well. Thanks so much, Its so nice to get American food and packages sometimes, it really is a blessing haha. Also Happy Early Birthday Dad! Hope it's a good one, and the family treats you well. 

Well anyways this week went by pretty well, we didn't have as many lessons as usual because we have been trying to get this list down of contacts, but it was still good. We have 5 baptismal dates at the moment with Paulinho on the 17th, Yanne and Carlos and Luis on the 1st of Dec. and little Luisa on the 15th of December, so we have been pretty much just helping them progress to their goals of baptism, while trying to pick up new and legit people. 

I can also add another unique food to my list that I have eaten here. We had rice and beans and cow stomach a couple nights ago with Irma Ana. I wish I had my camera with me, but the cow stomach looked like seafood or something, and it really wasn't that bad at all. 

Speaking of Irma Ana, she is such the nicest lady, she is practically a member but can't get baptized yet because she isn't married yet offically with her husband which is sad. But its kind of scary because Irma Ana reminds me of what Katelyn Conners is going to be like when she is Irma Ana´s age. Like its scary, all the way down to how they both laugh. And because of this I hope Katelyn will one day accept the gospel and turn out like Irma Ana because Ana is so happy with her life and kids. 

Anyways these last couple of days have been slow because no one could sit with us or the appointments fell through so what are you going to do. We watched General Conference in Portuguese yesterday, I didn't understand much though. It was cool to see our investigators come and hear the Prophet though. 

Hmmm, I can't think of anything too crazy that happened this week. I really like beans and rice now, that's what we eat alot at peoples houses and that's what we make sometimes in our house. I also eat and make a lot of Tuna Hamburgers, omelettes, eggs, chicken, etc. The juice here and the bread here in Angola is the best ever. I'm never gonna find better back home. Right now I have peach and pear juice in my fridge which are so good and thick, it's like you are drinking that fruit. 

Good Luck to Ridgely on applying to BYU, I hope she gets in. And I hope Keller is still sticking with the school work. Kaden seems to be having a good time with all his responsibilities and activites in his life so that's cool. Well I am just gonna keep trucking along, every week is another week closer and a week lost to time. I only got so much here. Hope everyone is doing good back home and thanks for all your support as well. All of you better be grateful for the simple things of life back home, because I have seen and experienced things that have and will change my life, and would change all of your guys persepectives on life, and how living in Africa really is. Love you All!


Monday, October 15, 2012

We finally have pics from Angola!!!!

Elder Brown and Delsion (and our favorite pic!)

Elder Brown, Cahilo, and Elder Tolman

Ventura and Elder Brown

Elder Brown and a kitty he saved

Will, Elder Brown, and Domingos
Helder and Elder Brown

Chapel/Sacrament Meeting

A Blur!

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week went by for me like a blur. I really don´t remember all too well what happened this week with like lessons and stuff, its kind of weird. But we finally did get city energy again after 11 days without it, so we were super happy with that. And we got a generator when the energy goes off, so our house has gotten alot better. We're still in the process of getting it back to normal and clean, but its all good. 

We have one baptism this upcoming Saturday with Eva whose 13. She has already finished the Book of Mormon which has blown me and Elder Tolman´s minds, and she is super ready to be baptized, she is already a strong particpant in the Young Woman's program so its all good with her, she is also Juana´s sister. So we have that this upcoming weekend, and this is the last week of the transfer as well, next Tuesday we figure out where everyone is going. 

I am most likely going to stay here but get a new companion, so we shall see. But me and Elder Tolman have agreed, this transfer for some reason has been rough and tough, but we got through it and did our very best. We got 4 baptisms this transfer which is super cool, and we have a couple more lined up for the next transfer as well. We have this one investigator named Paulinho, and I can't even describe this kid. He is 20 years old, and.... yeah I can't explain him over email, only in person, he is just such an interesting funny kid. We're like best friends now, and I´m trying to introduce him to Kid Cudi as well haha. We also have this other investigator named Yanne who looks like he is 23 but he is 17 years old. He has been having struggles with drinking and smoking and his friends are telling him there isn't a God and things like that. We had some solid lessons with him and trying our hardest to help him. We set his date for Dec. 1st and its going to be a suprise for his brother/cousin who is Helder who we baptized. He has been really influenced by how Helder has changed because of the gospel so its super cool. 

Yesterday in sacrament meeting this little black kid passed out on me, like no joke passed out tired. It was so funny. We're really trying hard to find and baptize potential priesthood to really build up the church here, and while it's a difficult process, we're doing out best. 

I heard I got some packages, and I haven't received them yet because President has them for me, so we will see when I actually get them, so I can tell you what packages got here. Also the music pen drive didn't work in the DVD player so for Christmas if you just wanna put that music on a cheap MP3 and send that a set of cheap speakers that would be really cool:) Thats really cool that you guys went to the concert, it looked sick. Also the game looked really sick although we lost. 

I loved all the pics of my family, extended family and Griffin and Laura:) Life just keeps rolling on here in Angola, it will be good for a change in this next transfer so we will see what happens. Also my password is now back to what it was before. Also what is William doing with the whole mission thing now? Uhhhh, I don't know much else to put. 

One thing that I have noticed is I miss the temple and I miss an established church. We have talked about this, and everyone here pretty much draws off of us the missionaries for spiritual things. And when we watched General Conference, it felt good to be really spirtually nourished. Anyways you guys are lucky. I love all of you guys so much and thanks for all the support. Cherry Chillasss. Haha Até Logo.


Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Out (Elder Stinky)

 Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was..... interesting. We got our lessons good for the week and we have met some really cool people that look like they have great potential. We also had three baptisms this last Saturday with Will and Domingos and Helder. And these were my first baptisms that I saw them taught from the beginning to the end. It was super cool. 

Now for the interesting part. Our house has been out of energy and water for the last 8 days now. Last Sunday, the generator for the condominium blew up, and no one has even tried to fix it yet, so we probably won't have it for a long time as well. We have no clean dishes, so we can't cook anything, we can't flush the toilets so the house smells, because we can't cook we have really only been eating cookies and crackers and stuff that doesn't need to be cooked. The fridges aren't cold anymore, there just shelves pretty much now, so we can't have anything cold or buy anything to put in the fridges and freezers. We can't take showers that much, so I have only taken one shower in the last 5-6 days. I just feel so gross, and the house is gross with hotness and insects and smell, its just really bad. After we're done teaching for the day we don't even wanna go home haha. But I guess its just a phase, and it will pass eventually..... someday I hope. 

One cool story that I know Laura will love is that we saved this little kitten in the street. It got close to getting run over a couple times, but we saved it and took it home and gave it milk and such. We then gave it to a member, but it was a pretty cute kitten. 

We heard about the age thing pretty much when it was announced because a member called us right after it was announced, but it was crazy. The church is true and the book is blue! Then yesterday we got to go to Presidents house and watch the Priesthood Session in English and we had Hawaian Haystacks which were soooooo delicious. But I really liked Elder Christoffersons talk from it, it was really amazing, and so was Presidents Monson´s words as well. 

The Black BYU uniforms look sick, and I'm glad that I'm not there for the seasons that we are having, I think I would get so frustrated. It's really good that everyone is doing good and healthy and working hard. That's really cool that Ridgely is going to her reunion thing and staying with Laura, let her know I say Hi;) 

Well not much else to write about this week, the transfer has got about 2 1/2 weeks left and then I will probably get a new companion. Now I'm going to try and send as many pictures as I can with the time that I have left now. But I love all you guys and hope everyone is doing well!


(sadly Keegan tried to email 3 pics home but the files were too big so he got a "message failure" notice and then he ran out of time to try to email them one at a time so pictures today. The connection is slow and uploading takes awhile. Luckily though he did get our Fed Ex box with a little gadget that duplicates his camera card so he won't risk getting any viruses on his original camera cards, so hopefully we will start getting a picture or two each week from him-fingers crossed!!!!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

4 Months Down

Oi! Family and Friends,

Not going to lie these last two weeks have been tough for me and Elder Tolman. We don´t know why, but its just been tough on us. This last week, I´ve had some kind of fever, because I have had really no appetite the entire week, I´ve had to force myself to eat sometimes haha. Thats what I get for cursing myself when I said I hadn't had any stomach problems yet. Also my body is just feeling worn down and tired. Its hard, but its just something that comes with job description. I just really hope this next week is going to be better, we need it too. Especially when we haven't had energy for a good part of the week that like destroyed all our food in the fridge. But no more being a Debbie Downer. 

This upcoming Saturday we have a baptism! His name is Helder, and he has changed so much since we have started teaching him. It's truly amazing how much this gospel can change someones life so dramatically. Sometimes we take for granted the gospel in our lives, but seeing it in action out here in peoples lives, it's truly amazing how much it really does change and affect someone's life. Anyways so thats going to be really cool on Saturday. 

I haven't gotten my Fedex Package yet, but I will probably get it either later today or later in the week, so I'm hoping that my next email I can attach a picture or two. I also haven't gotten anything else in the mail yet either. 

Food wise I had something new this last week called Kizaca. Basically all it is, are all these leaves in this bowl, and then they just beat it and beat it until it's this , I don't know how to describe it, but at first I thought it was a kind of beef. Like the meat you put on sloppy joes, it kind of looks like that at least in the texture. I was suprised when all it was is just ground up leaves haha. But you eat that with funge and the sauce as well. I also had for the first time this kind of ice cream yogurt that you buy off the street and it's just in these plastic bags. To me it wasn't that good because the after taste to me tasted like nail polish remover, haha yuck. 

Oh then on Saturday, we went to this farewell party for these two guys who are leaving on their missions, and it was me, Elder Tolman, Elder Kearney, and Elder Wilhelm there. And we had no clue, but we needed to bear our testimonies on missions on the spot during the meeting, and I was so nervous because I'm still not that good with on the spot Portuguese. But it worked out fine, and I thanked Heavenly Father so much for that, and it reminded me of my plaque scripture as well. 

Speaking of Elder Kearney, I love that kid. He is just about obsessed with Kid Cudi as much as I am, it's so sick. He is so cool, and I hope someday we will be in the same house or in a companionship one day. I get along with everyone in my house, I can´t understand Elder Sande all the time, but that's alright. He is learning English and he is trying to speak it sometimes but sometimes he just gets lazy. Elder McAllister, haha I love that kid. He loves cars, but only American ones, and he is a patriot. He loves America, haha he is funny guy and we have had some good times already haha. Elder Tolman is good, we haven't had any issues between us at all, and looks like we won't for the rest of the transfer either. He's a cool dude and we get along and have fun as well, and messing with Elder McAllister as well haha. 

Yeah for General Conference we have to wait like a week after its over to see it because it has to be translated into Portuguese. And I have no clue how many actual sessions we will see, but all I know I wont be able to understand most of what I see. So I guess next P-Day just email any cool or important news that happens with Temples or anything. And when the Ensign or Liahona General Conference issue comes out, you guys can send it to me so I can actually read and understand all the conferences talks. 

Anyways for P-Days its pretty much the same thing. Go play soccer with everyone, come email, go buy food, go home and chill and clean, nothing too exciting. Throughout the week, it really varies, it just depends who we have lined up for the day. 

But to close, I would lke to share one cool experience we had yesterday in a lesson. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation, and he asked the question about why is there suffering etc. in the world. And I believe I have found out what my spiritual gift is that has helped me in all aspects of my life, and that is knowledge and memory. I pulled out a scripture in 2 Nephi 2 about everyone has a choice, to choose bad and good and thats why there is. And he said that that scripture made it so clear and answered hs question perfectly. 

And next lesson we are going to talk about the Restoration and I think the Book of Mormon can be really key in his conversion. And I know the Book of Mormon can have a huge impact in our lives if we read and study from it each day, even if its like for 5 minutes, it can truly bless our lives. Anyways thats about it. I love you all and thanks for all the support!


PS. Tell Thomas he has got to step up with Kid Cudi news! I heard there is some new stuff out there about him and I wanna know about it haha.