Monday, July 22, 2013

Awesome Week 7/15/13

Oi Family and Friends!

This week has been awesome, like so awesome! We had some many good lessons this week, with the Spirit, it was sweet. Right now we are teaching this one complete family, Danilson Family. Sat with them twice, and it was really good. Danilson doesn't seem too into it, but hopefully that will change. They have the smartest 11 yr old girl though. First lesson we were teaching the Restoration, and at the end she asked about when God appeared to Joseph Smith, which church did God say was the right one. Also in our second lesson, she asked about the Scripture in Amos 8:11 and if that already happened. So smart, and her and Danilson showed up for church yesterday so hopefully this will keep rolling good. 

Mario, are other awesome family is traveling for two weeks so we have to put a hold on him, so hopefully he is good when he gets back. Me and Elder Tingey are just working hard and doing are best. We have gotten so close, and were brothers for life, it's going to be sad when we split up, it will be a hard day. Oh we also have this new guy named Dasildo, awesome guy. Called us out of the blue, we met him like a month ago, and he called us. He has a baptismal date now, and he is willing to do pretty much anything, he is awesome. So were going to get Miradouro to help us out with him and he should be golden, I hope. 

Thanks mom for the package that your going to send. I do have two requests that I want really bad here. 1st. from most recent and as far as you can go back, download Mormon Messages and burn them on DVDs so we can play them on our DVD Players here, that would be awesome. Especially the Earthly Father, Heavenly Father one. Also The Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, the book thats in that series that we use for Priesthood and Relief Society, I miss that book. 

I'm loving life right now. It's going so sweet and awesome, and just more work will only make it better. Heavenly Father is just blessing me beyond measure and I'm not even deserving of it. But I am so thankful. And Haha I think it's just funny that once I go on a mission that you guys start going to places that I've always wanted to go.... London, Caribbean, NYC, etc. But its alright haha. 

I've been healthy which is always good, I've just felt awesome lately and I'm loving it. Oh also last week I sent a letter to the house for Mason because I forgot his address so just get that to him when you can. Sounds like summer is awesome, every one having a grand ole time haha. 

Oh last story, we met this new guy yesterday, him and his brother. Both speak really good English, and we had a really good first lesson. Victor is just funny though, saying in 2 to 3 years he is going to America and he is going to see us there yada yada yada. He is a crack up but hopefully he can start progressing. Well that's all I can remember specifically that happened this week. Hope Ridge is safe out in Fiji and my family is safe on the ship. Everyone have a great week and until next week!


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