Monday, April 28, 2014

Pictures Week #99

Elder Brown and a monkey
Helder and Ana's family
Silvio getting baptized 2 weeks ago
Baptisms from 2 weeks ago
More Baptisms

Keep Chuggin along

Oi Family and Friends!

This week was kind of slow work wise. Our area is pretty much starting over from scratch. We had two baptisms this past Saturday with Dadinho and Mano, kids of a family who has an older brother who is a member. So that was pretty cool. And then I got to go to the other baptisms and see Deucalino, Ju and Maria get baptized. So this past Saturday I had 5 baptisms which was way awesome to see. Way spiritual. 

Also this week was General Conference in Portuguese. Haha not my favorite, because Portuguese kind of ruins the talks, but it was good. I already downloaded most of the talks on a pen drive, as well as we're borrowing the discs to watch in English. There were tons of way good talks, haha love General Conference. 

So pretty much the only thing worth writing about this week was my division with Elder Yeanoplos. So while we were walking in this busy paragem, I felt a bump on my backpack, so I turn it around and two of my zippers are open. I check all the pockets, and they didn't have anything. But they did take one thing, a pocket dictionary, which was actually Elder Garcias that I was going to give back to him. So now officially I have gotten "robbed" here on my mission, haha so I should be good for these last 4 weeks. 

Also I had to go give this baptismal interview to the wife of a member. He said we shouldn't come because there was too much water, but we said it would be fine. Well it's a bit of an obstacle course the first part but then we get to a part where literally you couldn't go any further unless you went through the nasty black water, with who knows what's in it. Haha he wasn't kidding. So I made the decision, and I really wasn't thinking that much, that we would take our shoes and socks off, roll up our pants and walk through the water to his house. I wasn't really thinking of the possibility of getting infectious bacteria or viruses, or stepping on glass or who knows what. But we walked for a good 5, 10 minutes through the neighborhood in the water until we got to his house, and then when it was over, walked back through it. Very cool memory, thinking back on it, really gross too. 

But yeah I'm loving it. I'm loving Elder Marqueza, haha he talks alot, and we mess with each other tons. He is one of my best companions I've had. Way funny. I'm going to try and get more videos of him these last 4 weeks. But life is good. Just got to keep my head down and keep going, stay close to the spirit and build my testimony. So weird that Andrew is going home today. Ai! Glad the family had a good trip to Utah and got to see everyone, can't wait to see everyone as well. Well I love you all, have a good week!


Monday, April 21, 2014


Oi! Family and Friends,

This week has been pretty good, kind of long, but good. So on Tuesday I showed the Assistants my area because they are taking it over and there were people getting ready for baptism. So that took all day, but it was good, rode in the truck all day. Then at night when all the Elders who were leaving were having their final dinner at President's house, we were invited to stay and eat as well. It was way good, way good ribs and such. Haha weird that will be me here in like 5 weeks. I still don't feel like I'm coming home. It still hasn't hit me and I don't think it will until I have like 3 or 2 weeks left. 

And it also weird walking in this new area, because I feel that stress of having to know my area 100% but then I really don't have to because my companion Elder Marqueza is staying and I'm not. I don't know, it's weird. Speaking of Elder Marqueza, haha he is so funny. I already love him, he is awesome. He is still Mozambican, but he is one of my favorites. It will be a fun 5 weeks, especially with Elder Yeanoplos and Elder Money in the house. 

Last night, me and Elder Money just talked forever about sports and BYU sports. Ah I miss BYU sports, way awesome. Well my Area is pretty cool. Very dirty. But it's cool. People in this area don't like white people that much, I've already been yelled at and such, but I don't care. Just love them. 

This week we are going to have two baptisms which is way cool. Two kids who are 11 and 12, and for some reason haha I'm baptizing one of them, so that's exciting. As well as Deucalino, Ju, and Maria are also getting baptized this Saturday from my old area, so I get to go to that as well, so I'm way excited, so pumped. Just trying to do my best and power it to the end. 

Yeah the Easter video is so awesome, I love it, I can not wait to come home and watch all the new Bible videos, they are so cool. Glad everyone Easter was good. All about the Savior, everything in our lives is centered in Christ. On our way here to the cafe, we were getting ripped on by a 7th day Adventist about Saturday and Sunday. It's just like people, open your eyes! Who cares if it is Saturday or Sunday. It's all about Christ, and will forever be about Christ. That's the gospel, the Atonement. I've said it before and I will forever say it, the thing I learned the most about on my mission is the Atonement, and I still don't even know alot about it. I love the Savior and what he did, and I will try to honor his name as best I can, always. On and after the mission. Well love you guys! Have a great week, and travel safely! Until next week!


Monday, April 14, 2014

6 Weeks Dead and Gone

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week went by fine. Elder Castleton despediu tons of people, lots of member dinners and such. Which kind of took a chunk out of our days this week but that's ok. Well for transfer news I'm getting transfered to Luanda 1 also called Terra Nova with Elder Marqueza. He is a Mozambicano who just got here so I'll be finishing up his training this transfer. And I'll be living with Elder Yeanoplos again as well as Elder Money. So offcially I will have served in all the branches here in Luanda. I'm happy and sad for the change. Sad because we were going to have a lot of baptisms this transfer and I have to leave a lot of people that I already love, but I'm happy because Luanda 2 isn't my most favorite branch to work in, and I'll explain why when I get home haha. 

So yep finishing off my mission in a new area, in the most ghetto place of Luanda, and where everything bad usually happens haha. Pray for me! Haha nah I'll be fine. 

This past weekend we had the baptims for Silvio and Monica, way cool. I baptized Silvio and gave the gift of the Holy Ghost to Monica. Way cool experience. And also yes my birthday, it was good, nothing too special. Went to Belas for lunch and I got some sushi, to keep the tradition alive haha. But overall it was good. Made the tye dye cake, turned out good. I would send all these pics I have but for some reason this computer won't read my card, hopefully at the new place where I'll be doing internet will be better. 

I'm kind of ancy as well to read all the talks from conference, just want to know ja. Haha glad that Spring Break went well for everyone. My mind is going to be blown when I see all my siblings again and how old they have gotten haha. Weird weird weird that it's close. But I'm just going to work hard and do my best and these last 6 weeks will fly by haha. Well I love you all, have a good week, and stay as close to the spirit as you can, that's the only way to live!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Good Week

Oi! Family and Friends,

Sorry this is a day late, yesterday we didn't get back until late, and all the internet cafés were closed. But I'll give a brief recap of our weekend. So on Sunday we went over to the mission home, and we prepared our part of the potluck dinner. Had some dinner and then watched conference live, way good. Pres. Uchtdorf and Elder Ballard´s talk was really good. As well as I really enjoyed Bishop Stevenson's talk about the Olympics. Well Elder Bednar had just started his talk, and the power went off. And we weren't exactly live with the conference because we paused it so we could eat and all that. So when the power went off, we couldn't go back to his talk or Pres. Monson´s talk. That was too bad. 

So while we were waiting for the afternoon session to start we watched part of the Saturday morning session. And Elder Holland's talk. Wow. haha hit home for me hard. I can't even explain it, just those kinds of talks that just hit you personally. Way good talk. Then we watched the afternoon session live, and then slept at the mission home. 

Woke up the next morning went all the way out to the safari place. We were late so they sent one of the their drivers home so they only had one truck. So the people who never went, went on the truck, and the rest of us went on a boat ride in the river. It was cool, didn't see much, but a cool experience. Then the long trek home. Very fun weekend though. 

Already this morning we taught Maria, a sister to a member who is progressing really well to her baptism on the 26th of April as well as we taught José, a son of a member, where we had a really good lesson with him on the Word of Wisdom because he has some troubles with smoking and drinking. 

This is Elder Castleton's last week, crazy, last week of the transfer. Next P Day I'll find out my last companion. Nervous to see who it is. But overall life is good with me. This Saturday we also have two baptisms in Silvio and Monica, we are excited. It's starting to hit me lil by lil that I'm going home. It's weird. 

But thank you to everyone who sent me Bday wishes. Can't believe I'm turning 21 in two days. Love you all! Study the words of this past conference and I promise you, you will find peace and answers to your problems. Hope you all have an awesome week!