Monday, July 8, 2013

Awesome Week

Oi Family and Friends!

This week was pretty sweet with everything going on. Well the beginning of the week we had some solid lessons. We have this one investigator named Armando. He recently was shot in the leg so he is stuck in his bed for the next couple of months. So we can go over and teach him whenever. We left a Book of Mormon and he is reading it like a beast (what else can he do), he is doing really well. Just have to heal so he can go to church and then we have to get over the next roadblock which is marriage, but I know one day this family will be baptized. Found another new guy named Danilson who hopefully will progress really good as well. 

Well, the highlights obviously were the Mission Conference. Thursday it was an all day affair and it was really good to finally get to know the Merrill's, it was super sweet to also learn from them. We had that all day on the 4th of July and after we went over to Cajuerio and played soccer, which was really fun and intense. Then that night we drank Coke and I broke out the American Flags, and America the Beautiful on my Ipod, and Elder Hobbs read the Declaration of Independence, good 4th. Next one back in the States, weird. 

Friday was a Testimony meeting, and that was also super good with the Merrill's and all the missionaries. Had lunch, super good and it was a good day. Elder Fontaine stayed at our house that night for divisions and he is so funny. We determined that the best state in America was....... California, What Up! That was fun. And we played the movie game and other things, he is super funny. Saturday we had our interviews, and mine was so good. Well, first Elder Tingey had his so I talked with Sister Merrill for awhile, I love her, she is so sweet. Then I had mine and it was so so so good. Really took some stress off me, and really helped me out with this lesson that I will talk about. But we also had lunch there and it was just so awesome and fun. 

Had some more lessons that day and then we had this one lesson that the spirit was so strong with this married family, this guy named Mario. It was so awesome, the best lesson me and Elder Tingey have given together about the Restoration. And he came to church yesterday and I thought it went really well. 

President Merrill is so awesome, took so much stress off us the missionaries to get contacts, find families, numbers numbers, numbers. Yes we still have to do that but what really is important day in and day out is listening and following the spirit each and every day, that's how were successful no matter what the numbers say. He is so awesome!

I didn't know you guys are going on a cruise to the Caribbean, especially without me, Che! You guys have just been to all the places that I've always wanted to go, but it's alright. Hope Kaden is good, and Keller, and Ridgely in Fiji. Say Hi to Laura for me while your in London this month. Speaking of Laura, its her birthday today, So HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! Hope it's a good one in London:) 

This week should be really good for us, and hopefully we can just do the will of the Lord each and every day. We're getting American stuff at Nosso Super so I can't really think of anything I;m lacking except for Dr Pepper for packages, I've been so long away from America. Maybe Chex Mix, idk. Well I Love you all and hope the Summer just keeps going well, enjoy it while it lasts! Love you all!:)


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