Friday, June 8, 2012

Oi! Friends and Family 

Well this is my first email for my mission and its seem like its already been awhile. I got into the MTC, got my badge and ID card and such and then we went to our classrooms for orientation. Right off the bat our teacher, Irma Hart, only talks to us in Portuguese, which was hard at first but was a real blessing in my life. Then we went to some firesides and meals and so forth until bed time.

Those first couple of days were really hard for me. They werwe really long, and hard to adjust too, and I was going through a rough time. But each day it got better, and now I'm all good and know I am supposed to be here:) Thanks for all the letters and packages I've gotten since I have been here. They are real morale boosters for me, so thanks my Family and extended family, and friends for your support.

Alright so there are 6 Elders in my district. Me, Elder Hyde, Elder Clifford, Elder Lee, Elder Tyler, and Elder Singer. The last three are going to Portugual and me and the other two are going to Angola. We came in with another district who had the two New Zealanders, and the English elder. One of my zone leaders is also English so its pretty funny to hear their accents and all. I like alot of guys in my zone. There are a lot of funny kind of guys in our zone that make its so nice and funny. It will be sad when they all leave in 11 days.

Since we have some internationals in our zone, every gym time we play soccer. I`m still trying to get the hang of it, and I have scored like three goals total, haha but I`m not very good. Once all the soccer elders leave I will probably go and play Basketball during gym time.

You said you saw that photo of me and my companion and thats because hisd aunt and uncle were there for one of the devotionals so they took a picture of us with their phones. The only way to send pictures I have heard is to just send the memory card, which I will probably do after my New York trip. Which by the way im going to New York on June 20th with the other 4 Angola Elders. We have to go to the Angola Embassy in New York for our visas, so we will be in NYC for a day.

Then after that back to the MTC for a couple more weeks. My teacher Irma Hart is really good, so I can pretty much understand Portuguese and I`m also starting to get the hang of speaking it. We finished with our first Investigatior Rodrigo, who turned out at the end to be our other teacher. Like I said the first lesson was a train wreck, but by the end of the last lesson it went really well. I can bear my testimony and say prayers in Portuguese, and also teach parts of the lessons. Our first investiagtor was a really great experience and a spiritual one. I felt the spirit so much when I extended the invitation to baptism. I have really grown already in the spirit since I have been here. I know so much more about the gospel and and my testimony has grown so much. I can't wait to get out to the mission field and share this message that the Angolan people deserve to have a chance to hear.

Our first devotional speaker was Elder Jensen, and he talked about just random missionary wisdom. One thing that I got the most out of it was when he talked about opening your mouth that it maybe filled by the Lord. And I have a testimony that that is true, that if we just open our mouth to our neighbors and friends that the Lord will fill them what to say according to the spirit.

Anyways my time is almost up so hopefully this email is long enough for you guys haha. By the way, since I only get 30 min. to write email try to just send handwritten letters or DearElders so I don't have to waste time reading email. (I think he means don't put your email in to send the extra copy on dear elder because he gets them everyday and doesn't need the email version of it too) Once I get out to the field then we can email and such:) So DearElder me or write letters of things you want to hear about in my next email. Sorry if I forgot any questions, haha its just really pressured to get done within 30 min. Well I Love You All, and Hope All is Well.


Elder Brown

*I edit Keegan's letters, he sends parts that are for just the family :)

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