Friday, June 22, 2012

Elder Brown's trip to New York

 Oi! Family and Friends.

I have had a crazy week this last week. So on Monday we get called into the Travel office and get all the details and information for our trip to New York City the next day on Tuesday. So me and 4 other Elders got to go to New York City for a day on Wednesday to apply for our Visas. Then on Tuesday, President Brown, the MTC President, called me and Elder Hyde into his office and we have been given the privlege of passing the Sacrament in a special Sacrament Meeting on Sunday for all the new Mission Presidents and their wives, and all the General Authorites and their wives. So pretty much we get to pass the sacrament in that meeting and listen to the speakers of that meeting. Its crazy that most likely about half or more of the Quorum of the Twelve will be there and also the Prophet. President Brown also said that most likely we will have the opportunity to hear the Prophet speak in this sacrament meeting. 

I'm really excited for this opportunity, but a little nervous because we have to look sharp as ever. We got all these instructions and there are two practices, tonight and tomorrow night, for this. But it should be a wonderful meeting and I might even be able to shake hands with some of the Twelve and the Prophet.

Anyways on Tuesday Night, we went to the SLC Airport and we flew out at Midnight. We landed in JFK around 6 O' Clock and we called our driver. Our driver name was Chucky, and he was a character. Super funny Italian guy who picked us 5 up in his Lincoln. Haha there were skulls on the back two locks and devil heads on the front two locks, haha but he drives all the people that Church flies in. On the drive into the city, I seriously thought we were going to die numerous times. This guy was such an aggressive driver and all, plus he would be doing other stuff as well. Like one point he was watching a TV show on his phone with headphones filling out a paper on a clipboard as he was driving through the crazy city of New York. 

Well we finally got to the Manhatten Temple where we met some Senior missionaries who would help us for the day. It is a really cool looking temple on the outside. They took us out to breakfast where I had an omlette, and then we got to sleep of an hour in some of the church offices at the Temple. After our nap we were on our way to the Angolan Consulate. We walked a couple of blocks to the Subway, where then we took two Subway trains to Grand Central Station. We got to walk through Grand Central Station and take pictures and such and then we walked forever to the Consulate. It also didn't help that it was high 90's to low 100's that day and super humid, so we were sweating so bad as we walked the streets of NYC. We walked past the UN Building and the Consulate was in another building next to it. We got to the Consulate and it took like 45 minutes for all 5 of us to apply for our Visas. After we got that done around 12, Chucky took us back to JFK, where we had a flight at 3:30. We were also on a flight with some sister missionaries who were coming home from Russia, so that was cool. For my meals I had Mcdonalds, that breakfast place, and Wendys so it was good to get some normal food outside of the MTC. And people would always stare at us and whisper and point towards us which was little funny.

So yeah that was my New York trip, first time ever to NYC and I'll go back someday so I can see everything and have it not be so hot haha. Crazy that it all happened it less than 24 hours. Anyways other than that not much going on, Didn't really get to teach that much because of the New York trip. 

Today im going to send my memory card from my camera back home so all my pictures so far can go on Facebook so everyone can see them. Thanks for all the letters and packages that people send, its much appreciated. Got about a little over a month left to go in the MTC. Over half our zone left this past week so now there is only 13 Elders in my zone. Haha I fought off an onslaught of the departing Elders who wanted to take the Belt to Portugual, haha so hopefully I can hold on to it and take it to Africa. Portuguese is coming along fine, just trying to learn everyday and get better and better and speaking at it. Not much else to say. All is Well here and can't wait to get out to Angola. I love you all!


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