Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear family, June 2, 2012

Well today is my first P-day but we can't email yet till my next P-day which is next Friday. The language is coming together a little bit. I can mostly understand what is being said to me but can't really speak it as well.

We taught our first investigator, Rodrigo, yesterday in Portuguese and it was kind of a train wreck. Hopefully in subsequent visits it won't be as bad.
I'm already sick of the MTC food, so it's going to be hard to eat it for the next eight weeks or so. Thanks for all the letters, they really help. I'm so far the guy in the district that gets the most letters. The guys here who have been here for like six weeks seem much older than me, it's weird.

We have a couple Elders from New Zealand and a couple of English Elders in our zone so it's fun. Scored a goal in my first gym time in soccer, so that's cool. Today an Elder left our zone for Brazil, and it seems that day will never come for us.

Let everyone know that I love them and miss them. Oh btw, we just got to start checking the mail yesterday so I was able to read everyone's letters finally. Now we check regularly after lunch, then after dinner, with dearelders coming after dinner. So I can read your letters but I can't respond until my P-day. But thanks for all the letters. It's been hard and long already, but I just have to take it a day at a time. Soon enough I'll be in Angola, and then time should be flying! Love you guys. Tudo Bem!

Elder Brown

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