Friday, June 15, 2012

Week #2 MTC

Oi! Family and Friends

So another week has gone by in the MTC and it seemed like it came and went by pretty fast. I´ll first talk about the BBC thing. So a guy from operations in the MTC about a week ago on Friday night came in and told us that BBC was going to be interviewing our district. We then went through about an hour of public relations training of how to answer questions correctly and such and we were told we would be interviewed on camera on Monday.

So Monday comes along and we´ve shined our shoes, cleaned up our classroom, got flags from Angola and Portugual, and made sure everything was all good. Then the BBC guy came in and it turned out to be an interview for the BBC radio about Mormons and Mitt Romney and such. And before our district he interviewed another district going to Mongolia about Missionary Work, so he just wanted to ask questions about us growing up in the church and misconceptions people have about the church. We weren´t really prepared to talk about that, but I thought we did really good. Since 4 of the 6 missionaries from my district are from Utah, he asked me a lot of the questions because I grew up outside of the "Utah" culture. I really don´t remember what I said to tell you the truth, but I know that the Lord helped me and my district through this interesting experience. I do remember mentioning Thomas a little bit and my friends in high school, just because he was askign how my school was without many Mormons and how I dealt with people at my high school drinking and such. But yeah it was good, the radio program aired this past Wednesday so maybe you can find it on the BBC Radio website. And if not then they told us that in 2-3 weeks that they will show us the clip of us so then I can see if I can get it for all of you. Elder Clifford has the only camera of pictures from that day just because it was super fast, so sorry about that. So yeah hopefully that radio program touched people's lives and opened doors for other missionaries out in the world.

The rest of the week was pretty same old same old. We wake up at 6:30, Breakfast at 7, then we have either class or language study or personal study till 11:30 which is when lunch starts. Then after lunch we check for mail and thats when usally handwritten letters and packages are usually picked up. Then we have class, or more languager study, or more additional study till 4:30 which is when dinner starts. Then after dinner we check the mail and that when we get our DearElders for the day. Then just more class or studying and such till 9:30 where we go back to the residence hall and just chill and get ready for bed at 10:30.Then we have gym times everyday randomly, where we placy soccer, and I have scored some goals so I'm getting better haha.

On P-Days we go to the Temple in the morning, so last week I did a session and right before this I did initatories. Then we come back and have lunch. From Lunch till Dinner we write emails, write letters, laundry, and anything else that we need to get done before the upcomign week. It goes by super fast. Sundays its alot of studying with ourselves and district, mixed with sacrament meeting, priesthood meeting, and a fireside. We also get an hour after sacrament meeting to walk up to the Temple and take pictures on the grounds and just relax. So thats about a typical week for me in the MTC, about 6 more to go.

This Monday and Tuesday we lose the majority of our zone as they are traveling to their mission fields. All of them are going to Portugual except for two. One is going to New Jersey and the other is going to Cape Verde Islands. I really do love these guys and its gonna be sad to see them ago. We will then only have 13 missionaries in our zone for a couple of weeks till the next transfer of missionaries come in.

Speaking of our Zone, right now I hold the belt in our Zone for Stare Down champion. Its when two people stare down until one the people cracks a smile. Last night I faced Elder Diaz to protect my belt. He is the best one in the Zone and has held the belt for the majority of his time here in 8 weeks. It lasted over 4 minutes but I defeated him, and now many other people want to face me. Haha I just need to hold it until they leave so they don't take it to Portugal. So thats one of those fun things that our zone does.

This week I have memorized the First Vision and the Baptismal Commitment in Portuguese. It took a lil while but I did it, and have used both in our investigator lessons. Right now we have two investigators named Bendita and Chines. Bendita is a 60 year old woman who can't read and has strong Faith in God and Christ. So far we have taught her twice, getting as far as the Restoration. Thats when I was able to recite the First Vision by memory to her. It was a really powerful experience to me. We are teaching her again tonight about the Book of Mormon. Chines is a young guy who doesn't really have a religion. We've taught him 4 times and he has said once he goes to Church and get an answer to his prayers then he will be baptized.

These role playing investigators are really helping me in teaching the gospel and learning the language. I can pretty much understand everything said during the lessons and can talk about the Gospel pretty well in Portuguese. Just every day and every week I will continue to grow in the Gospel and in the Language. Also this week we got our Malaria Pills/Instruction, but I don't know why we got them this early. No word yet on the New York trip, though it should happen in the next week or so.

I love you all and thanks for all the support that you have given me. I just can't wait to get out to Angola and start my adventure!


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