Monday, December 30, 2013

Crazy Fun Week!

Oi! Family and Friends!

Happy New Years! Here in like 2 days haha. This past week was a lot of fun for us. On Monday we had a half Pday because we had a devotional with the Elders here in Luanda. We watched that christmas movie of our mission, had some food, had some words from President and Sister Merrill, then watched the First Presidency Devotional. It was a good time.

Tuesday was Christmas Eve, we went out and worked, did get alot of stuff done, just because of the holiday, we had a dinner at Irma Lasselete's house which was good, but that's

about it. Christmas we woke up, I opened my presents from Home, thanks for what you sent:) Then Elder Cafferety made us breakfast which was delicious. Then we had a gift exchange between our district. Elder Yeanoplos gave me a Dodger Hat, with army guys and a wind up baby toy so that was cool haha. Did some studies and then we played some Bang until we went to President's house for Skype. Sorry I did it so early, but luckily we didnt have any problems with connection like other Elders did. But Skype was way awesome. Loved Loved, Loved it. Can't 
wait for the Next New Years haha. 

Then we chilled a bit at President's house, had some food, help Sister Merrill with a puzzle, talked with the other Elders, it was way good. But a nightmare getting home by taxi, but eventually we succeeded. The last couple of days kind of dragged a bit because of post holiday and no one is really here for the holidays. But were just trying to keep our head above water until January or next week where people will start coming back. We have walked a ton these past couple of days though, and I'm tired. But that's alright.

Life is good, excited to start off 2014 already haha. We have to be home by 18 tomorrow and Wednesday. And Wednesday were getting together all the Elders in Luanda to play soccer again so that will be fun. The trip to San Francisco looked way fun, and too bad BYU Sports is sucking right now, but hopefully they can turn it around. Crazy the next time a BYU Football game is played I'll be at it or watching it haha, stoked.

Well that's about it. I'm loving it, I love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, they are always there for us, no matter we go through our lives, and will give us opportunity after opportunity, chance after chance, and they will never forsake us or forget about us. And that's a comforting thought. I love this perfect gospel. Love you Guys and hope this New Year starts off good!


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