Monday, September 2, 2013


Oi! Family and Friends! 

This week was really good for us, really working hard and doing everything to serve the Lord. It is so weird that Ridgely is at BYU. Like so weird, and especially right across where I lived two years ago. Man, I cant believe that was two years ago, that seems way too much than it's actually been since me, Peyton, Mason, Andrew, and Devon was wrecking it up there haha, good times, good times. 

Well my week went pretty well, kind of up and downish. We have tons of baptismal dates. But that's only because pretty much anyone we sit with, we try and leave a baptismal date so we can really judge if they have a desire or no. But hopefully we can see some baptisms here in this area soon.  But I think like here in 2 weeks when we have transfers I will leave this area. Which I'm kind of hoping because I've been here for 5 transfers, just like Viana, and that is a long time. Like I love it here, but I need a change. 

Today I got the package!! Whooohooo. Dr. Pepper is going to be awesome. And on the road this past week I bought a Dr. Pepper shirt, what are the odds of that. But yeah, scary thing happened this past week. Some Elders got robbed, and one of them tried to resist, and he got stabbed a bit. But he is doing well and they weren't serious wounds but still. Hopefully just with continuing faith in the Lord, he will keep us safe. 

Umm what else happened. Ummmmmmmmmm. Man my mind is going blank. That was really sad about the BYU game, got me a lil depressed, I really don't know my I am so affected by BYU sports, but I am. One of my flaws I guess. Anyways that must have been scary with Mom´s accident, but I'm glad she is ok. 

Also congrats to William going to Taiwan. Going to be quite an adventure, haha no doubt. I'm sorry this letter is kind of boring, not anything really happened this week. My cooking skills are going good, I think I will handle my own with cooking when I get home. And animal wise, Disney was better, but the whole experience, obviously the real one haha. (I teasingly asked what safari was better, the one we did at Disney's Animal Kingdom or the real one)

One thing I do know. Church is true. I know that we are all Children of God and he has his hand in our lives each and everyday. We just have to pay attention to the tender mercies that the Lord sends in our lives. The Book of Mormon is awesome. I just finished it for the 3rd time on my mission and I love the Book of Mormon. So much, read it always, everyday. It will help you guys so much in your lives. I love you all, so so so much. And I miss you guys so much. Like so much. But it's ok, just a little under 9 months to go to I see all of you guys. Have a great week, and good luck to Ridge on her first week of College classes:) Until next week!


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