Monday, September 23, 2013


Oi Family and Friends!

So my first week here in Lubango has been great. I'm really loving it here. This is really a cool place to serve and a different feel than Luanda. But first at the beginning of the week, last Monday Elder Kearney and Elder Clifford got robbed at gun point and got all their stuff taken away which kind of sucks. Then there was this whole big drama with the police and the robbers, its just a huge story that I don't really want to write down right now. But at least there ok. 

Anyways, the bus ride from Huambo to Lubango was superrrrr long. And for 3 hours of it, it was on a dirt road, which kicked up dust everywhere, it was dirty. Also our bus broke down so we had to switch buses as well, so it was a long trip but I finally got here. Lubango is kind of a mini Luanda. I'm working in the city which is interesting because I've never worked in the city before, but it's awesome. It's kind of hot here, but not as hot as Luanda. And when it starts pouring down here in a bit, I'm sure it will cool down. 

Elder Cafferty is awesome, we're going to do great work here. Also I live with Elder Kearney which is his last transfer here, and Elder Wilson. Our house is pretty nice, it's the Violin's old house before they went home, so its pretty nice. The branch down here is pretty small and kind of needs alot of help, but the members are pretty cool. I met Amarildo's mom and sister which was kind of weird because they all are very alike. 

I got to take all of my stuff down because I took the bus all the way down to Lubango. And as far as packages, when someone like President or the AP's come down, they will probably bring them, they come down once a month. I don't know very many people here but I got to know this recent convert Leanor and her daughter Clari who are really awesome and strong. They are so cool, and so solid in the gospel. Too bad that in a bit Leanor goes off to China for awhile. 

Also here in Lubango, mountains surround Lubango, it's pretty cool. And they have Cristo Rei, which is like what Rio de Janiero has which is a Christ statue overlooking the city. We will go up there one of these P Days. Also there is plenty of stuff to do here for P Days so I'm really excited for that. Also here in Lubango they have a native tribe here called the Manhuilas. They are legit tribal people, and it's mostly women. And they walk around the city alot so we see them, the only problem is they don't really wear clothes. Like they wear some cloth around their waist, but they don't have a top or anything, it's kind of awkward sometimes, but oh well. I just can't wait to see what Lubango has in store for me in my time here. Sucks that BYU lost but whatcha gonna do, just move on. I love you all and I hope you guys have a great week.


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