Monday, September 30, 2013

Hard Working Week

Oi! Family and Friends!

This week was an intense week work wise. We got 30 lessons this week. 30! I've always wanted to get 30 lessons in a week but it's just way hard, and finally me and Elder Cafferty did it. But it was really hard, haha. Alot of hard work but we got it, so I'm happy. 

Last Pday we went to Serra de Leba and Cristo Rei, which was really awesome. Serra de Leba was probably the coolest thing I've seen in my life, I'm so glad I had the opportunity to see it. And then Cristo Rei was pretty cool, it's just up on a mountain overlooking all of Lubango. But it probably was one of the best Pdays I've had here. 

One guy that we met this week is named Zecarlos. We were waiting for a new person to meet us, but she never showed up. But he walked past us and started talking to us. We got his number and passed his house later in the week. Our first time sitting with him was a little weird. He went off on his life problems, how he owns the house but all of his neighbors are trying to get him to leave. He won't leave so they throw rocks at his house and at his roof, causing there to be holes in the roof. Write cuss words with his name and his son's name on the door, etc. It's a sucky situation but he has a good attitude and he isn't leaving. 

Well our next visit we taught the first lesson which went well, and he is very humble. He admitted that he is like a child with the gospel, he doesn't know much and he wants to take it slowly. Well then I invited to be baptized on the 9th of November, and his response was so funny. He said that he would respect my date because I was the missionary, but if I invited him to be baptized tomorrow he would be there haha. It was so funny, he is going to get baptized, and he really liked church yesterday so he is going to be a solid member. 

Today for Pday were going to this tiny animal park so that should be fun. There is always something to do for Pday here so that's way cool. I'm truly seeing the miracles of hard work and just the touch of the Master´s hand in all things, it's amazing. I'm loving it here, I really am. Weird that it's only 8 more months, but that still a long time right. 

That's cool that our ward split, it's weird that weve now been through 3 different ward splits since we moved there. But the work of the Lord just keeps growing and growing and growing. Good luck to Kell on his driving test, and get your grades up to man! Ridge seems like she is doing good in college and hopefully she does well on her 4 tests this week. 

The Angolan people are funny, they have there little quirks that I'll probable bring home and have for the first couple of weeks back at home. But I love them, they are so funny and awesome. I love you all, I hope you guys have a wonderful week, and enjoy General Conference. I'll for sure be missing it bad. Love you all!


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