Monday, September 16, 2013

Surprise, surprise!

Oi! Family and Friends!

Well Well Well..... haha. Well I've got a few suprises up my sleeves. But first I'll start with the boring stuff. Me and Elder Merkley were working hard, taught good lessons with Armando and Danilson's family, all that good stuff. Wednesday night, at the end of our nightly planning session, I get a call from President Merrill. He calls and says well you know there is a zone conference down in Huambo, so were doing transfers early to make it easier. Your getting transferred to Lubango and your going to Huambo tomorrow by bus tomorrow night. Wow! Haha I was so excited, I never, everrrr, thought I would see the Provinces. 

So I had to start packing that night, and the next day. And then the next night me, two other missionaries and the AP´s hopped on a bus down to Huambo. I was a little sad because I wasn't able to say goodbye to anyone. But I guess thats just the life of a missionary. But anyways that bus ride was a killer. 11 Hours at night driving across Angolan bumpy roads. Che, that was long but me and Elder Wilhelm had some good talks. One stop for the bathroom we had to get out on the side of the bus and pee in the dirt with all these other guys facing the road where people were driving by haha, oh man that was an experience. That bus was an experience and I still have another 11 hour bus ride tomorrow to Lubango, not looking forward to that. 

But we got here in Huambo early in the morning on Friday, kind of lounged around a bit because we were tired. Then later in the day I went out with Elder Clifford and Elder Whitaker to teach some lessons. Huambo is a beautiful, civil place. All the roads are paved, so many tress everywhere, it's just so awesome and beautiful and I'm glad I had the chance to come here and see it. That night we met up with President and Sister Merrill for dinner at this real real expensive place, ridiculous, and it was alright. 

On Saturday we had our Zone Conference which was so good. I love President and Sister Merrill so much. Later that night we had a barbeque at our house, which was also good. Sunday we went to church, to a member's house for lunch then a fireside which I had to translate for Sister Merill. And I was so nervous that I couldn't remember easy words and such, and I didn't do so well, but that's ok I got through it. 

On the way back we saw fireworks, it was real cool. Then today we played some soccer and now we're here. It's been real fun to be here with the missionaries down here in the Provinces, it's been a ton of fun. Although I've been a little sick, but I hope it will pass soon. But I'm really excited to go and serve in Lubango and do the best I can down there. I just need to strive to follow the Spirit, and serve everyone I possibly can, and the things that I fault or can't do, the Lord will make up for the rest. That's the beauty of the Atonement, and I'm so happy to have that knowledge. Well, that's about it until next week, my first week in Lubango, wish me luck! Love you ALL and have the greatest week ever!


P.S. forgot but I'm companions with Elder Cafferty now, and I'm living with Elder Wilson and Elder Kearney. Also if you do send a package, I could use some solid shoe insoles. Ummm... also the internet out here in the Provinces isn't that good so you might not be getting as many pictures in the future, just a heads up. Love you Guys!!!

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