Wednesday, September 11, 2013

This week was pretty awesome!

Oi! Family and Friends!

This week, well some stuff went down this week that's for sure. Well I'll start off with the highlight of the week, a lesson with Armando on Tuesday night. The greatest lesson of my mission so far yet and we really didn't talk that much at all. I hope you guys remember Armando, he got shot in the leg, been in a cast since May so he can't come to church. Well anyways, turns out he is in 4th Nephi, because all he can really do is read. So that was really cool when he told us that. And then, I don't remember exactly what I said, but to the effect I said that this gunshot was really a blessing, and then he just went off of how it has blessed his life. How its helped him with his relationship with God, how its helped with his relationship with his wife, just everything. How it has changed his life, he was tearing up throughout this. The Spirit was so strong. He is such a changed man because of the Gospel, it's quite amazing to see. I said the closing prayer, like one of the greatest prayers I've ever said, and after that I gave him a hug. The best lesson of my mission without a doubt. He still has some obstacles in his way, marriage and money and all that, but he will get through that, I know he will. 

Anyways that night as well we found out about an emergency transfer, Elder Hobbs is out of the house to Cassquel with Elder Chandler, Elder Pimental left the house to Luanda 2 with Elder Hyde, and Elder Fontaine went with Elder Garn in Terra Nova. So now it's only 4 of us in the house, which is kind of weird. But anyways, transfers are next Monday, and I'm hoping I get moved haha but we will see. 

Ok this next part was a lil freaky, but it turned out ok. On Thursday we had interviews at the office so we have to walk there, and this is in the morning too. Well me and Elder Merkley were walking on one side of the road, and these two guys cross the street, say hi and ask for money. And here we always get asked for money so I didn't think nothing of it, I was just like "sorry we can't." Well one of the guys starts to mess with Elder Merkley's bag, and then he shoves half of his arm down Elder Merkley´s pocket. And then I realized we were getting robbed. I hit the guy´s arm and he comes out with Elder Merkley´s planner. I snatched it out of his hand, and then all of the sudden, a guy on a moto stops and starts yelling at the guys. They get distracted so me and Elder Merkley walk off really fast, and make sure we weren't followed. Well Elder Merkley told me after, because I didn't see it, the guy who was standing behind me had a screwdriver. So our loving Heavenly Father intervened and made sure nothing bad happened, so I'm eternally grateful for that, don't need a screwdriver hole in my back or in my shirts haha. 

On Saturday we had a branch baptism for this 8 year old in my area, named Lionel. Elder Tingey baptized him and I confirmed him which was really cool. I am so psyched BYU crushed Texas, hopefully it's the same way with Utah, they deserve it. Yeah I loved the package, but I forgot to take a pic, so you will get that next week, sorry mom! But all that Provo stuff sounds so awesome, with family and friends and all that, ah I can wait haha. Well I love you guys, have an awesome week!


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