Monday, April 15, 2013

Week of Sickness

Oi Family and Friends!

This week was hard. Not going to lie, it was hard. Got sick on Tuesday and it progressively got worse up to Friday, then a slow recover since. It was so hard. It was weird too, throat hurt, headaches, and then it felt I just had a severe case of allergies, eyes watering, runny nose and stuffed nose, with this annoying cough. It stunk. So I don't have to much to write about other than my birthday and a couple of random things so sorry if this letter is kind of short. 

So Birthday, woke up, and opened my two packages. Thanks so much for everything Mom and Dad and family, those things were pretty cool, I liked them alot. Afterwards, me, Elder Tingey and Elder Walker and Elder Chandler went to Belas Shopping and we got Sushi haha. It cost a pretty penny and it wasn't the best, but hey it was my birthday right ;) So that was kind of full circle that I had sushi on my 19th birthday and then on my 20th, pretty soon it's just gonna be a tradition haha. 

Then me and Elder Tingey taught some lessons. Engracia, a member, gave me a gift which was so nice of her. It was this Angola scarf that you will see in this picture. Then we went out to Kifica to go teach Zinga and have dinner with her family. While we were there I used Grandma and Grandpa's 20 dollars and bought a 49ers hat (in honor of Ken and Shane) for 12 bucks haha. Had dinner at their house which was pretty good. Came home, had no eggs so we couldn't make the cake, and we haven't had energy at all these last couple of days, to add to the misery, so we haven't made the cake yet. But hopefully we will be able to today. 

Investigator wise, alot of people are stalling which is sad. But hopefully we can get them on the right track and we have found some new people as well so hopefully now that I can put a full week of work in that we will start seeing the fruit of our labor. But one thing that I've needed to learn and have started to learn is patience. I think I've been expecting to just see amazing results, and people would progress faster, and the work would be booming day by day. But I just have to realize to be patient, and I will probably never see the full extent of my impact here on people. 

I did get my Bday letter from Laura so that was good too:) I got that package today at soccer so I cant wait to go all through it when I get home. Thanks family for being the best and looking out for me. I guess a random thing we saw this week was a crazy lady who kept trying to get hit by cars, and just people yelling at her to go home. Other than that, because of my sickness and no energy, this week has gone by slow. But I'm keeping positive and I know we will have a much better week this week. I love you all and miss you guys, but its going faster than we know it! Sorry for the unexciting letter:(


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