Monday, April 22, 2013

Another Week of Sickness

Oi! Family and Friends,

Once again sickness messed up our week this week. Elder Tingey was out pretty much the whole week with a fever that was bad, we couldn't leave the house. So once again this week´s letter will be a little on short side but I will try to stretch it as much as I can. 

So Wednesday, we actually did leave the house and went to Zone Conference at President's. We usually try to cross this river to shorten the walk to his house, or else it takes forever walking around. Well the river was a little to high because it recently rained so, at first at one part of the river, Elder Harper tried to jump it and totally fell in. So his companion Elder Wilhelm took his shoes and socks off and walked across the river. He then gave me and Elder Tingey piggyback rides across the river which I got on video, which I can't wait to show you guys haha. All in front of these Angolans who were just laughing at us, especially Elder Harper haha. 

Saturday we sat with Jeni who has like an inflamed foot or something, I didn't really understand what caused it, but we gave her a blessing so hopefully she will get better, one of our two lessons of the week. Sunday was a blessing, we had this random huge family who we contacted once, haven't sat with them at all yet, and we got them to show up to church and they stayed for the first hour. Something I will probably never see again, a contact family showing up without us even talking to them yet. So we are sitting with them tonight and hopefully all goes well, and we can see some legit success in our area. 

For lunch we had this Feijuada, which is a common Angolan food here. It's pretty much beans, brown oily sauce, soggy vegetables, and different types of mystery meats. Yesterday for lunch was not a good one. I've had some good ones here, but yesterday wrecked me, it was quite bad. 

It's sad that a bomb went off for the marathon, that's too bad. Your videos you sent me couldn't be played on anyone's camera, I checked, and I forgot to bring them with me today to watch them on the computer so next week I will for sure remember them to watch them. Haha thats a funny story about the penny. Well there isn't much else to say. Thanks so much for everything in that package! It was super great! I love you all and have a good week!


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