Monday, April 8, 2013

Start of Transfer 7

Oi Family and Friends!

This week has been interesting to say the least. Well first off Tuesday morning me and Elder Davis went down to the Benfica Praca where they sell all the tourist things like wood statues and jewerly and such. I bought three things, a rhino statue, a family of giraffes and the Thinker statue, their national symbol. So now they just sit on my desk as I study and such, they are super cool, and the people down there jump on you like ravening wolves. Me and Elder Davis worked them down though, especially Elder Davis, he was a champ. 

Tuesday, I just stuck with Elder Walker and Elder Tingey in Futungo, so that was pretty cool seeing their area. Wednesday night, Elder Davis and Elder Borden left from our house, which was kind of weird watching them pull out and knowing I won't see them for at least a year. Missionaries going home is not too fun haha, but it's needed. 

This week was a little weird for me and Elder Tingey, we just didn't get the work that we usually do on weeks, but we made the best of it. Pacheco, I gave it to him hard this last week and apparently it worked because he came to church this Sunday, so we will just keep going with it and see what happens in the future. We just keep up with Jeni and Adi, and trying with Sergio, as well as we have some planned new investigators this week so we will see. Not a lot happened this week. 

The new elders in our house is Elder Chandler and Elder Wilhelm. Me and Elder Tingey are doing great. It rained and poured buckets on us during the morning, it was pretty crazy. The river here was overflowing because of the rain, it covered one of these bridges so we had to walk the long way around to a member's house. 

It's weird that its my birthday in two days, 20 years old, weird. But hey it's life right. I got Aunt Valri and Uncle Davids card as well as Grandma's card yesterday which was very nice of them. We watched the Priesthood session yesterday so that was really good, really loved Uchtdorf's talk during that. 

Fun you guys are in New York. Looks like a lot of fun. Also question Mom, whats the best way to wash hats out here, haha that would be helpful to know. Ummmmmm, Africa is doing good haha. Weird this is Elder Walker´s last transfer. Thanks for all the birthday wishes I got from everyone. A lot of people wrote me so I got to respond back so thanks for all the support and prayers and such. I'm still going strong haha. Love you all.


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