Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

Oi Family and Friends,

The transfer is over, weird. This new transfer I become a senior companion for the first time, and I'm with Elder Tingey. So this transfer should be pretty fun. Elder Davis leaves Wednesday so it's a little weird, that stage of my life seems still pretty far away but it will come faster than I know it. 

This week was up and down. Right after I emailed you guys the local supermarket had random American food! It was a blessing! Mexican food, Gatorade, Koolaid, etc., we were freaking out. So Pacheco, yeah it didn't go so well with him. Penecostal members are always so hard to get because it's hard for them to grasp the reality of the Great Apostasy. They believe like all churches are true, anything of God is good. They don't realize that believing in the BOM and Joseph Smith means they need to leave their church, that's how Pacheco is. I kind of laid it hard on him this last week, and yeah nothing. I think he is going to use the BOM to reform his own church to get some position or something, idk. We're going to lay it hard this week and then see if he comes to church or not. 

Thursday we had Zone conference which was good. But after Elder Walker was out for the count so I had to stay home with him. So I just studied and watched DC videos. Friday I went on a division with Elder Walker which was pretty fun. Nothing too out of the ordinary but it was fun just talking and getting to know him better. He is a pretty funny kid and he leaves at the end of this next transfer. 

Saturday was a kind of a weird day. Left in the morning to teach two people, yeah they fell through. Came home and then we were supposed to have an Easter lunch at 12. Get there at 12, two hours later the food is ready, and then we eat for like an hour. Get home, another appointment fall through, but we had a family night at the Nasciamento's, which was super fun, and good food as well. We call Irma Nasciamento Oprah haha because its true. 

Yesterday was alright. We had church, haha we sang in church. Then we had lunch at the Brazilian members of our branch house, which was pretty good. Then we also had dinner at a members house night as well. Just rice, beans, noodles, meat, etc. It was all pretty good that day. It's supposed to get cooler here in a couple of months, but lets be honest it won't get super cold haha. New batch from the MTC doesn't have their visas yet so their stuck there and we don't know when they will get here. 

I hope Ridgely and Keller's birthdays went well as well as Easter. Sounds like everyone had a good week. Pretty soon here, actually this transfer, we will be talking again, haha crazy. You guys should learn some Portuguese to talk to me;) Haha can't wait. Well my birthday is coming up which is weird, but oh well. This next transfer should be fun. Hope you all have a wonderful week and the Lord will continue to pour out blessings upon you.


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