Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Oi! Família and Friends!

The holidays are here! Today we had a Christmas party at the Luanda 2 chapel where we had a white elephant exchange, food, pictures etc. It was super fun. This email might not be as long because the place we usually do email at was closed and I'm typing on an iPad right now so it's kind of slow. But it works right and I will get to talk to you guys tomorrow! 

So the deets for tomorrow, we are going to the orphanage at 10 and after that we are going to Mrs. Ryan's house to do Skype and food and such. So the time for Skype is going to be at 9 a.m. your time. And if it's earlier or later I can email your emails and they will pop on your phone. But for the time being 9 a.m. your time is when we will Skype! 

This week was a lot better than last week thankfully and I'm sure it will continue to get better as time goes on. It's already halfway thru this transfer which is crazy, transfers come and go a lot faster than they usually do now, time is starting to speed up. 

I also got two letters today from Uncle David and Aunt Valeri and I was happy to get a picture of Mae:) and I also got the letter/package from Grandma and Grandpa Brown and I was so thankful for the letter and the candy as well as the RM bank account and the old pictures of our family,brings back a lot of memories! 

Last Monday we had a family night at President's house and we had to walk this family there from their house. Little Luisa, the little girl in the pictures I have sent held my hand all the way there and wanted to be with me and play with me all the night long. Haha, she is like my little sister, there is also Jo who is also like my little sister. Haha I love both of them. 

The Ward Christmas party was a lot of fun on Saturday as well and I got some good photos and videos as well. Well that's it for now I guess until tomorrow! That's way cool you won that concert, haha I never win anything as well! And it's good the Cougs could at least finish off on a good note and kvan could dominate like no other. Well I love you guys and I will send pics and such in my next email!


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