Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year and 7 Months Down!

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was pretty good for me. So we had Christmas Eve with that missionary party which was good. And then Christmas which was super good. We went to that orphanage and then to the Ryan´s house to hang out for the rest of Christmas. And I was able to skype so that was truly a blessing for me to see all the ones I loved:) 

Well then it was back to work. We got some solid lessons in this week, a good portion of them with a member present which is kind of hard to get here sometimes. But it was super good, just everyday building up the kingdom of God little by little, step by step. 

It has been a little weird passing the holidays in a different country. It really didn't feel like the holidays all too much to tell you the truth. I don't know why, it just didn't. And now in less than 12 hours here it will be 2013. And it seems like its going to take a long while to get through all of 2013, but it will come and go before you know it. Its just good to finally get 2013 going. 

I have a feeling that this upcoming transfer that I am leaving Viana for who knows where, but we will find that out in 2 weeks. Also news flash, I'm getting home a week earlier than when I was supposed to leave. Because of this whole 18 yr old missionary thing and the MTC cutting people´s times down, were gonna have a 5 week transfer pretty soon, and everyones release date got bumped up a week, haha so it's like two weeks pass this past week. 

I saw the pics from the family, and Keller, don´t wear the beanie with long socks. It leads down a dark road my friend;) Haha and don´t trash talk with Laura´s family buddy, their team won the World Series, haha they can back up their talk with a trophy. 

Sounds like you guys had a very fun week. Disneyland sounds really cool, and looks like you guys got really cool things as well. Ridgely, sucks that you can´t do anything right now because of your knee surgery but the family will take care of you, as well as your friends. Got less than 2 months until we find out about BYU, fingers crossed:) Kaden, just stay cute haha. Dont turn into a teenager! Haha love you buddy. 

And now you guys are in Mammoth right now and Mom and Dad are going to rock out tonight at Imagine Dragons, haha have fun and be safe. Yeah for our new years, will just be in our house making food, playing games, and just talking and such, nothing too exciting. 

Tomorrow all the missionaries in Luanda are going to the beach for a games and picnic activity so that should be pretty fun. Thanks Dad for the NFL storylines, I like the storylines of the league, I just don't need all the scores. And that's so sick that Haws went off, hopefully they will pull it together in League and get some revenge. And also hopefully BYU Football can pull it together this offseason and explode these next couple of years. 

So to everyone Happy New Year, make it one of the best, and really truly help the missionaries in your area, they can knock all the doors they can, but the easiest way for the kingdom of God to grow is through the members. I hope we all make an even better effort this year to building up the Kingdom of God, being courageous and sharing the gospel with our family and friends, and inviting them to sit and talk with the missionaries. Love you all and I am grateful for all the support as I'm out here. Until next year!


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