Monday, December 17, 2012

Hard Week

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week has been hard and tough. But its over, done and gone. On Tuesday I woke up with a very painful and stiff neck, I guess from just sleeping on it weird or something. It was hard to handle walking around and everything this week. But it's pretty much better for the most part. 

On Wednesday we went to this Orphanage in Estalagem, where some of my pics came from. It was really fun to play with the kids and just have a good time with them. We stayed there for like two hours. Then the rest of the day I was just in bed not feeling very well, it stunk. 

Last Monday at our family night, Paulino killed this huge centipede at church, and picked it up and started to chase us laughing like a madman. That kid is a maniac, haha but I love him. Also this week while we were in Vila, Elder McAllister got pickpocketed out of his backpack and lost his his wallet. Luckily he noticed and we chased the kid down and got it back. Haha he said it was on the ground and we should give him duzentos. Haha we were like nada and left him. 

This week has also been tough on us because no one really could sit with us. It was quite annoying. But life goes on right. On Saturday the young women had this activity which was fun to be at, Johnny was teaching us how to dance some Kudouro haha which I will get before I get back to the states. 

That's really sad what happened with the elementary school, something I learned when people always ask out here why does bad things happen to good people? I use 2 Nephi 2:27 And I forget the other right now, but the one talking about there needs to be an opposition in all things. Sometimes life is hard and has tragedy and suffering, but it also has joy, happiness and love. 

As far as our house it's two per room, and I don't have bed bugs like the other Elders. Elder Richter´s comp I don't think is going to get here this transfer. But I also don't think we will be going to the Ryan´s. I think we will be going to Amandios house, and I think we will do Skype there and hopefully his internet holds up. Nothing is for sure right now, but next Monday I will give the final details, what time and everything on Christmas. So next week you will get the details. If its skype, can you just make me a skype account there and send me the log in info next week? And if it's facetime, I forget my Apple ID and password. 

Packages haven't gotten here yet but I'm hoping they will in the next couple of weeks. Sounds like everyone partied hard this week. Hope everyone has a merry holidays. Well I'm just glad I can put this week behind me and I'm hoping so much to have a better week. 

For Christmas Eve we will spend a couple hours at President's house, and then Christmas not to sure yet but I will let you know for sure next P Day. Love you guys and I miss all of you so much! Haha also I found something to put on my B-Day list, the game Bang!, the western card game, haha I would love to have that out here:) Well Love you guys and have a good week:)


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