Monday, December 3, 2012

Did Somebody Say Dream Team???

Oi Family and Friends!

Well today we found out about transfers, and I'm staying in Viana, but moving areas. And me new companion is............. Elder McAllister, hence the title of the email;) It should be really cool and we should get a lot of work done. We are also having 6 missionaries in the house now, me and Elder McAllister, Elder Richter is going to train this Brazilian Elder if he ever gets here because he has visa problems, so Elder Richter will be in a triple with us till then. And then Elder Tilly is coming and he is going to train one of the new elders, so its gonna be a party in Viana now, but it will be good. 

This last week went by pretty fast. It rained a couple of days but especially on Friday. Me and Elder Sande were on division, and as we were leaving this recent convert´s house, its started to sprinkle a little bit, and then massive pour down. We were soaked, and we were so far from the main road that we waited under this roadside shack for like an hour and a half till it slowed down. Rain here is crazy, and makes things complicated here, haha but what's the mission without a lil challenge;) 

We were able to get a lot of new investigators this week so hopefully they turn into solid investigators. I am really glad that I'm not leaving Viana yet, I love this area and branch so much, the members and the primary kids, everything. It's gonna be a sick transfer. 

And for Christmas were going to go to Elder Richter's friends house to do Skype and such, so when I get more details we will coordinate the times and such for all that, I'm excited for that. I did get the Christmas packages, and I was so happy about what was inside. Presents, snacks, pictures, music, etc. I especially loved the pics and music:) They weren't wrapped when I got them, but they didn't seem opened I will take pics of me with them and send them next week for you mom. I also got a package from Aunt and Uncle Scott, and from Grandpa and Grandma Brown today, so I don't know what's in that yet. But I wanna say thank you so much for those things! 

We were at the Reedy's today for food and she put together like a gift game, and I won this cool toy airplane, I'll show it next week. Oh yeah weight update, I've lost 15-20 pounds here since the MTC. Crazy huh, but I think it deals mostly with how much we walk everyday, and we don't get to eat as much as we do in the MTC. 

UM, well that's all I can think of this week. Paulino gave his testimony this past Sunday, which was a little funny because halfway through his testimony he launched into a talk on the Law of Chastity, haha. It was funny but good, he is kind of like a child but he is such a solid member. Well I think that's it. I love you all and thanks for all the support!!


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