Monday, October 8, 2012

Black Out (Elder Stinky)

 Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was..... interesting. We got our lessons good for the week and we have met some really cool people that look like they have great potential. We also had three baptisms this last Saturday with Will and Domingos and Helder. And these were my first baptisms that I saw them taught from the beginning to the end. It was super cool. 

Now for the interesting part. Our house has been out of energy and water for the last 8 days now. Last Sunday, the generator for the condominium blew up, and no one has even tried to fix it yet, so we probably won't have it for a long time as well. We have no clean dishes, so we can't cook anything, we can't flush the toilets so the house smells, because we can't cook we have really only been eating cookies and crackers and stuff that doesn't need to be cooked. The fridges aren't cold anymore, there just shelves pretty much now, so we can't have anything cold or buy anything to put in the fridges and freezers. We can't take showers that much, so I have only taken one shower in the last 5-6 days. I just feel so gross, and the house is gross with hotness and insects and smell, its just really bad. After we're done teaching for the day we don't even wanna go home haha. But I guess its just a phase, and it will pass eventually..... someday I hope. 

One cool story that I know Laura will love is that we saved this little kitten in the street. It got close to getting run over a couple times, but we saved it and took it home and gave it milk and such. We then gave it to a member, but it was a pretty cute kitten. 

We heard about the age thing pretty much when it was announced because a member called us right after it was announced, but it was crazy. The church is true and the book is blue! Then yesterday we got to go to Presidents house and watch the Priesthood Session in English and we had Hawaian Haystacks which were soooooo delicious. But I really liked Elder Christoffersons talk from it, it was really amazing, and so was Presidents Monson´s words as well. 

The Black BYU uniforms look sick, and I'm glad that I'm not there for the seasons that we are having, I think I would get so frustrated. It's really good that everyone is doing good and healthy and working hard. That's really cool that Ridgely is going to her reunion thing and staying with Laura, let her know I say Hi;) 

Well not much else to write about this week, the transfer has got about 2 1/2 weeks left and then I will probably get a new companion. Now I'm going to try and send as many pictures as I can with the time that I have left now. But I love all you guys and hope everyone is doing well!


(sadly Keegan tried to email 3 pics home but the files were too big so he got a "message failure" notice and then he ran out of time to try to email them one at a time so pictures today. The connection is slow and uploading takes awhile. Luckily though he did get our Fed Ex box with a little gadget that duplicates his camera card so he won't risk getting any viruses on his original camera cards, so hopefully we will start getting a picture or two each week from him-fingers crossed!!!!)

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