Monday, October 15, 2012

A Blur!

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week went by for me like a blur. I really don´t remember all too well what happened this week with like lessons and stuff, its kind of weird. But we finally did get city energy again after 11 days without it, so we were super happy with that. And we got a generator when the energy goes off, so our house has gotten alot better. We're still in the process of getting it back to normal and clean, but its all good. 

We have one baptism this upcoming Saturday with Eva whose 13. She has already finished the Book of Mormon which has blown me and Elder Tolman´s minds, and she is super ready to be baptized, she is already a strong particpant in the Young Woman's program so its all good with her, she is also Juana´s sister. So we have that this upcoming weekend, and this is the last week of the transfer as well, next Tuesday we figure out where everyone is going. 

I am most likely going to stay here but get a new companion, so we shall see. But me and Elder Tolman have agreed, this transfer for some reason has been rough and tough, but we got through it and did our very best. We got 4 baptisms this transfer which is super cool, and we have a couple more lined up for the next transfer as well. We have this one investigator named Paulinho, and I can't even describe this kid. He is 20 years old, and.... yeah I can't explain him over email, only in person, he is just such an interesting funny kid. We're like best friends now, and I´m trying to introduce him to Kid Cudi as well haha. We also have this other investigator named Yanne who looks like he is 23 but he is 17 years old. He has been having struggles with drinking and smoking and his friends are telling him there isn't a God and things like that. We had some solid lessons with him and trying our hardest to help him. We set his date for Dec. 1st and its going to be a suprise for his brother/cousin who is Helder who we baptized. He has been really influenced by how Helder has changed because of the gospel so its super cool. 

Yesterday in sacrament meeting this little black kid passed out on me, like no joke passed out tired. It was so funny. We're really trying hard to find and baptize potential priesthood to really build up the church here, and while it's a difficult process, we're doing out best. 

I heard I got some packages, and I haven't received them yet because President has them for me, so we will see when I actually get them, so I can tell you what packages got here. Also the music pen drive didn't work in the DVD player so for Christmas if you just wanna put that music on a cheap MP3 and send that a set of cheap speakers that would be really cool:) Thats really cool that you guys went to the concert, it looked sick. Also the game looked really sick although we lost. 

I loved all the pics of my family, extended family and Griffin and Laura:) Life just keeps rolling on here in Angola, it will be good for a change in this next transfer so we will see what happens. Also my password is now back to what it was before. Also what is William doing with the whole mission thing now? Uhhhh, I don't know much else to put. 

One thing that I have noticed is I miss the temple and I miss an established church. We have talked about this, and everyone here pretty much draws off of us the missionaries for spiritual things. And when we watched General Conference, it felt good to be really spirtually nourished. Anyways you guys are lucky. I love all of you guys so much and thanks for all the support. Cherry Chillasss. Haha Até Logo.


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