Monday, October 1, 2012

4 Months Down

Oi! Family and Friends,

Not going to lie these last two weeks have been tough for me and Elder Tolman. We don´t know why, but its just been tough on us. This last week, I´ve had some kind of fever, because I have had really no appetite the entire week, I´ve had to force myself to eat sometimes haha. Thats what I get for cursing myself when I said I hadn't had any stomach problems yet. Also my body is just feeling worn down and tired. Its hard, but its just something that comes with job description. I just really hope this next week is going to be better, we need it too. Especially when we haven't had energy for a good part of the week that like destroyed all our food in the fridge. But no more being a Debbie Downer. 

This upcoming Saturday we have a baptism! His name is Helder, and he has changed so much since we have started teaching him. It's truly amazing how much this gospel can change someones life so dramatically. Sometimes we take for granted the gospel in our lives, but seeing it in action out here in peoples lives, it's truly amazing how much it really does change and affect someone's life. Anyways so thats going to be really cool on Saturday. 

I haven't gotten my Fedex Package yet, but I will probably get it either later today or later in the week, so I'm hoping that my next email I can attach a picture or two. I also haven't gotten anything else in the mail yet either. 

Food wise I had something new this last week called Kizaca. Basically all it is, are all these leaves in this bowl, and then they just beat it and beat it until it's this , I don't know how to describe it, but at first I thought it was a kind of beef. Like the meat you put on sloppy joes, it kind of looks like that at least in the texture. I was suprised when all it was is just ground up leaves haha. But you eat that with funge and the sauce as well. I also had for the first time this kind of ice cream yogurt that you buy off the street and it's just in these plastic bags. To me it wasn't that good because the after taste to me tasted like nail polish remover, haha yuck. 

Oh then on Saturday, we went to this farewell party for these two guys who are leaving on their missions, and it was me, Elder Tolman, Elder Kearney, and Elder Wilhelm there. And we had no clue, but we needed to bear our testimonies on missions on the spot during the meeting, and I was so nervous because I'm still not that good with on the spot Portuguese. But it worked out fine, and I thanked Heavenly Father so much for that, and it reminded me of my plaque scripture as well. 

Speaking of Elder Kearney, I love that kid. He is just about obsessed with Kid Cudi as much as I am, it's so sick. He is so cool, and I hope someday we will be in the same house or in a companionship one day. I get along with everyone in my house, I can´t understand Elder Sande all the time, but that's alright. He is learning English and he is trying to speak it sometimes but sometimes he just gets lazy. Elder McAllister, haha I love that kid. He loves cars, but only American ones, and he is a patriot. He loves America, haha he is funny guy and we have had some good times already haha. Elder Tolman is good, we haven't had any issues between us at all, and looks like we won't for the rest of the transfer either. He's a cool dude and we get along and have fun as well, and messing with Elder McAllister as well haha. 

Yeah for General Conference we have to wait like a week after its over to see it because it has to be translated into Portuguese. And I have no clue how many actual sessions we will see, but all I know I wont be able to understand most of what I see. So I guess next P-Day just email any cool or important news that happens with Temples or anything. And when the Ensign or Liahona General Conference issue comes out, you guys can send it to me so I can actually read and understand all the conferences talks. 

Anyways for P-Days its pretty much the same thing. Go play soccer with everyone, come email, go buy food, go home and chill and clean, nothing too exciting. Throughout the week, it really varies, it just depends who we have lined up for the day. 

But to close, I would lke to share one cool experience we had yesterday in a lesson. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation, and he asked the question about why is there suffering etc. in the world. And I believe I have found out what my spiritual gift is that has helped me in all aspects of my life, and that is knowledge and memory. I pulled out a scripture in 2 Nephi 2 about everyone has a choice, to choose bad and good and thats why there is. And he said that that scripture made it so clear and answered hs question perfectly. 

And next lesson we are going to talk about the Restoration and I think the Book of Mormon can be really key in his conversion. And I know the Book of Mormon can have a huge impact in our lives if we read and study from it each day, even if its like for 5 minutes, it can truly bless our lives. Anyways thats about it. I love you all and thanks for all the support!


PS. Tell Thomas he has got to step up with Kid Cudi news! I heard there is some new stuff out there about him and I wanna know about it haha.

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