Monday, September 3, 2012

5 More Baptisms!

Oi! Family and Friends.

This week went by pretty fast, just because we had less time this week to teach. But the baptisms were really good two days ago and we had a total of 5 on that day. The best part was these two boys who are from our branch who got baptized, when the first one came out of the fount, the dad was crying and scooped him into his arms, I started to tear up seeing that. I will never foget that image at all, because that is what the gospel brings to peoples lives, joy. 

We just seem to be picking up new people every week its kind of ridiculous. We had like 12-15 investigators at church yesterday, and during our weekly planning we had to cut some people which isn't fun to do, but needs to be done so we can get the most out of our time. 

Saturday was a weird day for us. So we had the baptisms which were great. But then later we were at our house and we were late to the ward council meeting. So we decided to take motos or motorcycles to get there. And the rules with the motos is if you can avoid them, dont take them, but if you need to and they don't go on the main roads then its fine. Well we take these motos to the church, and mine just takes off through the roads of our condominium complex. And there's speed bumps everywhere in the complex, but there's a tiny space between the speed bump and the curb for motos to get around the speed bump. Well my guy was going way too fast and the second speed bump he was trying to get around he ran onto the curb and then back on the street and then lost control and we crash/fell down in the street. I can´t exactly remember how exactly we fell, but all of the sudden I was on the street shocked out of my mind. Luckily, and only because the Lord was watching out for me and I'm a missionary, I was able to walk away from it with just a tiny hole in my pants, dirt all over my pants, and one my hands scraped up because of sliding on the pavement, but that's it, I was completly fine and able to walk away. 

I felt bad for the driver though because he had some gnarly cuts and scrapes all over his legs, ankles, and arms, it was kinda gross. But I survived and got a picture of my pants afterwards and its an experience I will never forget, and I won't be taking a moto for a very long time. 

Then the day got even weirder because on the way back from the ward council meeting, it was all four of us this time, this guy on a moto starts yelling at us to talk to them. So we talk to this one guy and he shakes our hands and everything. Then he says alright each one of you give me 500 kwanza. And we were like no and tried to walk away but he grabbed Elder Tolman and he said it again but if we didnt he would slap us. So Elder Tolman said to slap him, and the guy took a nice hard swing at Elder Tomans head. Elder Tolman said thank you sir and goodbye and we walked away and that was it. Crazy huh? Only in Angola. 

Oh also President Thompson got here on Saturday so we met him and his wife at the baptismal service so that's really good. Overall, life here in Viana and Angola is good. The work is exploding in this area. And this is the last week of the transfer, so we will see if Elder Tolman leaves or not next tuesday. 

That's so sick that BYU dominated, I hope for a great season for them. And you guys just keep partying it up with Universal and the Dodgers game haha. Ridgely make sure that Mr. Tinker and Mr. Snedeker know about the blog because I was supposed to get them something to follow, so do that for me please. You guys can send me anything. 

With the email, when I have my first interview with President I will see or if he tells us or not. I haven't sent anything yet because we have been low on money a little bit. But we got it refilled yesterday, 300 dollars worth, and its supposed to refill every two weeks I think, I dont know. I love you guys and miss all of you!


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