Monday, September 24, 2012

President Kretly's Visit

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was pretty tiring. So on Tuesday we had our Zone Conference with President Kretly. And we were supposed to be there at 8ish, so we left at 7 because it usually takes like an hour to get to Cassquel. It took us 3 1/2 hours to get there, and we had to take like 5 different taxis and walk so so so far. It was a nightmare, especially because we were in our suit coats as well. I was sweating like a dog. But the actual training was super good with President Kretly. He is a very inspiring teacher and motivator, and he gave us a really specific direction that this mission is going to take in the future. It was really cool. 

Other than that, we taught some lessons which went pretty well. We have some really good progressing investigators right now, and there are going to be baptisms soon for some of them. And this past Saturday was a special time for our mission.We had bue baptismos. Angola had a total of 12 people baptized on Saturday. One of them was from our branch, but the other missionaries taught him. But it was such a neat experience seeing all them get baptized. Unfortunately, this one smaller missionary couldn't get this girl all the way under the water, and tried like 8 times to do it. Someone else had to do it, and it was little awkward but it happens. I cant wait to baptize someone, but I will be so nervous when I actually do it in Portuguese and everyone is watching. But we will get there when we get there. 

Today President Thompson came out to Viana to see the chapel so he gave us a ride back from soccer, and on the way here, the Police tried to pull us over. President wouldn't have it and just kept driving past them, and this random motorcycle guy gave us a thumbs up and congratulated us and everything. Because the Police here are so corrupt, they stop random cars and taxis and take their cars or licenses until you can give them a good enough bribe. And they have stopped us and tried to get bribes out of us and scare us, but you just have to be confident, because we haven't done anything wrong. Although its a little hard sometimes when they have a nice assault rifle slung over their shoulder haha. 

For meals, I just eat whatever I get from the store, like this last week I made myself an omelette filled with tomatos, onions, peppers, and potatoes, with a side of potatoes and that was pretty good. And no I haven't killed a live chicken yet, and I really haven't had any stomach problems since I've been out here. 

But you guys are going to like this, I learned how to swallow pills out here with just water, booooooooom. Yeah 4 live in our house, and yeah I will let you guys know when I get mail and packages and such. And I'm assuming its just immediate family that I can email, and let Laura know as well that she can email me as well, as well as Kaitlyn and Thomas, I haven't heard from them in a while. 

And yeah Joana, she was our tough investigator that got baptized on the 1st of Setembro. But she is funny and I love her, and her nephew Delson that I told you guys about. I'm starting to better understand people but my speaking is still dragging a bit. But these kids, I love them to death, even though they tire me out like no other. Man, but 'Im going to miss them when I actually have to leave. Anyways that's about all. Love you all and all your prayers as well.


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