Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Transfer Begins

Oi! Family and Friends

This week went by pretty good. I stayed in Viana for this transfer and I am still with Elder Tolman. Only three people moved during this transfer, so it was kind of hyped up for nothing. So Elder Wilson moved from our house and we got Elder Mcalister. And I think that this transfer is going to go fast. And from what the pattern is going to be with transfers, I think I will be here till the end of January or until Marchish. 

Anyways this last Wednesday I had my first interview with President Thompson. It was really good, we just talked about me a little bit and then the future of this mission, it was pretty cool. And then tomorrow we have a zone conference with President Kretly and an interview with him as well, so that will be cool. 

This last week was a little of a struggle with scheduling lesson around meetings and such, and me personally I struggled a bit as well. But that's why we have prayer and scripture study, to let the spirit and God pick us up when were down. 

This last week we got so many references it was ridiculous, close to 8 to 10 people, and then we also meet people who want to be taught. It's a little stressful becaue you don't want to lose anyone or forget anyone but its hard. It's alright though, we are really blessed here. We have three baptisms scheduled for the 6th of October and two more on the 20th of October, so thats really cool. 

Everyone here calls me Chris Brown, I think I get called that more than Elder Brown haha. We don't eat that much at members houses, maybe once every week or every other week. But the rice here is really good, I love it. Asians don't know how to make rice because Africans do, and I love it. All the meals that we do get are really good and tasty. And frango is portguese for chicken. 

With taking pictures we don't bring our cameras with us everyday just because it just depends where we are going so we don't get it stolen. And missionaries here don't get asked to speak in Sacrament, so I think my next sacrament talk will be my homecoming talk haha. Also with the email thing, anyone can email me, but I can only email family. 

This last week I heard some James Blunt and it reminded me of the phase that Mom and Dad went through with listening to James Blunt haha. One thing I would like is a jumpdrive with music on it, since the dvd players here have usb ports. So some church music, disney, LOTR and Inception soundtracks, etc. would be nice. 

Overall, life just keeps going on. That BYU game sounded ridiculous, makes me sick to my stomach a little bit, but there's nothing I can do about it haha. I miss sports in general but they will be sweet when I get back. I am also trying to introduce Kid Cudi to these people haha, because Lil Wayne is the main guy here haha. 

The taxi rides here are so insane sometimes. Just imagine the Indiana Jones ride, but a little bit crazier, and that's what we ride on a daily basis haha. There really isn't a nursery but a Primary where all the kids go to, and some are of the devil... haha they are crazy here but I love them. Also let Thomas know I did get his email, and he and Kaitlyn can email me. 

Lastly some of the members and my investigators might send me FB requests, so Mom you can just accept them for me. Keller and Ridgely keep doing work with getting up with Seminary and learning tons of stuff. Keller really study and know the scriptures because that has helped me out so much here and I know it will for you too. Kaden, those Imagine Dragons things are so sick, I am jealous, How did you get that stuff? Well I love you all and always think of you guys. Have a good week!


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