Monday, August 27, 2012

Another great week!

 Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was a good one. We have two baptisms this Saturday with Celma and Juana. Juana is a really difficult investigator because she is always joking around, and it frustrates my companion so much haha, but she is finally getting baptized. 

Also this week is election week for Angola, so its gonna be crazy. The main guy is called Dos Santos and his party is the MPLA, there is like 9 different candidates and parties. But pretty much MPLA runs this country. Anyways, the voting is on Friday, so were stuck in the house all day friday. We also have to be home by 6 two days before the election and two days after.

To make it even crazier, either Tuesday or Wednesday is Dos Santos B Day and his brother owns the major beer company here in Angola called Cuca. So on his birthday Cuca is going to be pretty much free all day, and thats going to be crazy walking around during that day. But yeah crazy week ahead but I´ll live haha. 

Lets see, here are some more things I have eaten recently. One is cow liver, which is alright. Another thing I have tried is Cashew Juice, which is delicious, so good. Also I have been sick the past couple of days which has made it pretty tough. But yesterday one member, Irma Luiza, cooked me this big dinner because I was sick, and the Smedos brough me soup and medicine. The members here are awesome. I am getting better luckily. 

On Saturday we went on Companionship exchanges, so I went with Elder Wilson for the day. Haha it was really cool, and we met some funny people while we were in Villa Park. We taught one of his investigators about daily prayer and scripture study, and although we didn't plan on how it was going to go, the lesson flowed so smoothly and I could feel the spirit really testifying that these things are important in our daily lives. And I have gained such a testimony about how important daily prayer and scripture reading is to us and how through this it helps us against temptation and being spirtually filled. 

Oh random thought, I forget this week when we were moving this table at the church up these tight stairs and narrow hallways and we had to pivot alot to move it. And I couldn't help but think of Friends and where Ross yells Pivot a billion times with the couch. Haha I want all the seasons when I get back for sure. 

Anyways yeah I didn´t get that first package you sent, only the one marked with a 2. So it is either lost in the mail, or I'm never gonna get it. Also tell Laura that I got one of her letters today, the one from August 7th. 

But its crazy that everyone is starting up school again. I'm sorry Kaden that you didn't get Yearbook, but at least you're in a class with Ethan and maybe next year. Everyone is busy busy busy. It's crazy that since 1st grade I have been going to school every year of my life and now for these next two that I wont have school at all. I am also stoked for the BYU football season, hopefully it turns out good this year as well as the basketball team. 

And last but not least Pres. Thompson suffered another setback with his visa so he still doesn't know when he is getting here. Anyways that about all. I love you all and miss you all!


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