Monday, September 10, 2012

End of Transfer

Oi! Family and Friends

This week went by pretty slow for me actually haha, but its all good. Sometime today or tomorrow we will get transfers and see what will happen to me and my companion, we're all a little anxious. 

On Tuesday we were in Cassquel all day because we had training from Elder Renlund of the 70. He was so amazing and gave us some really great training. One quote I really liked from him was when he said " We are immortal beings in a mortal world, we are like fish out of water, we are out of our element." He was just talking about why this life is hard and why it can be so difficult sometimes. He also interviewed each one of us personally, and that was a really cool experience as well. 

We talked about my family, and about the people here in Angola, he really showed me a very cool and unique perspective on things. That was a very good day. Then the other days were alright, lessons weren't coming together all that well, but we have some investigators progressing very well like Helder, Will, Domingos who all have baptismal dates, and were hoping with a few others to mark some dates as well. I just really hope that I will stay here for another transfer, because there is so much work here. 

Yesterday was the best day of the week for sure. We had church, where there were 94 people in sacrament meeting. We got two new investigators from church that look like they have potential. Then we ate lunch at the Branch President´s house which we had frango, funge, rice, beans, salad, bread etc. The salad here when they make it is just raw tomatoes and onions cut up and then they use oil for the dressing, it was delicious. 

Then we taught three lessons with Maria, Will and Domingos, and Yanne. All three were really good lessons. We also in between lessons picked up two more people who are interested to hear our message so we got more people. Here in Angola, we don't even need to try to find, the people come to us, or our investigators/members bring people to us, all we have to do is teach, its great. But yeah Sunday we were truly blessed. The hot season is starting up now, and will last until like April, so I'm gonna get really tan, haha. 

For baptisms, the people who are getting baptized get to choose who baptizes them and who confirms them. And about the Moto accident, I was debating on whether to tell you guys but I thought you would hear it from another blog or something so I thought it was just better to tell. And no I'm not scared when I go out. 

My portuguese is getting better, day by day. I am picking up more and more of what the natives are saying, but its still hard, just taking it day by day. And no the Thompsons I don't think have taken any pictures yet but we will see. I haven't gotten the new package or the first package yet. And I hope the photo card thing comes safely here. But yeah whenever I get the opportunity, I try to take pictures, its just hard sometimes but I'm trying hard. With the FB thing, they were probably requests before I left that just got accepeted, no one else knows my password. And yeah we have DVD players so we can watch DVDS. 

How's the election going on in the USA, we heard that Obama is probably going to take it. And also do you guys still keep up with your gun hobby haha? It's great BYU won, and we need to get the win on Saturday. I got all the pics that you sent mom about the VMAs and I'm so jealous, but thanks for keeping me updated with the pics and letters and such. I love hearing from you guys and seeing what you guys are doing while I'm working hard out here in Africa. Did Gabe or Grant ever get mission calls? And when does Hayden put his papers in? 

And yeah you don't need to send me NFL scores, just college football, NBA, and College Basketball. Thats hilarious that the Utes lost to the Dairy Yewts. And also yeah I check my blog a little bit just to see what it looks like haha. And yeah I haven't been able to get to know President that well yet, but we have our first interviews with him on Wednesday. 

I love you guys, just keep working hard with school and such and the Lord will bless you. I am having an amazing time, and can't wait to share it with you all in the future. Tchau Tchau.


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