Monday, March 3, 2014

This is not my church, but it is His

So this week was a very interesting one. Well Elder Cafferty got super sick so I was in the house most of the week. Oh but quick thing, transfers, I got transferred to Luanda 2 with Elder Castleton. He is from Utah and this is his last transfer, so I'm excited to work hard this transfer and then see who is with me my last transfer. But it will be sad to split from Elder Cafferty, I love him, he is one of my favorite companions. But ya, I'm living in Cajueiro just me and Elder Castleton. But that's transfer news. 

Anyways back to the week. I've been in the house most of the week, so I don't have a lot of info. We had interviews with President this week. And he really helped me understand more about missionary work. About Planting, Cultivating, and Harvesting. And how in the Lords eyes there all the same thing. And to just have faith that it is all the same thing. To be grateful
for the success I already have had, and grateful for the experiences
that I've been having. I've learned alot more about trusting in the
Lord, and actually putting that into practice. Everything that has
happened, that is happening, and will happen is because of the Lord. I just have to trust him, have faith and patience. 

Also this week, Elder Cook of the 70 was here for the weekend to do special training of Branch and District leaders. And he also squeezed in a special meeting with us missionaries so it was really good. He has been my favorite 70 that has visited here by far. Really cool and humble guy. Also something that I've gained a real testimony about is that this is the Lord's Church. Ive been able to watch the movie Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration, and this line hit me, he said: "But this is not my church, it is his". Just the realization and remembering that the person guiding every part of this Church is Christ. By revelation, we receive all of our callings, and assignments, answers etc. It is his. And that has been a big testimony builder for me as of late. 

But yeah that's been my life as of late. Next email will be full of new names and such and an explanation of my last area and house on the mission. Love you guys, I miss you all, but its only a little bit longer!


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