Monday, March 10, 2014

Burning Up!

Oi Family and Friends!

This week has been good, and tiring. First off, it's been really hot here, way way hot. I'm ready for a winter season haha. But other than that things are going good. So I live in the Condominium Cajuerio and it's just a really nice apartment. Lot more nice looking than the one in Cassequel. It's just me and Elder Castleton who lives in the apartment, which is a little strange because my entire mission I've lived with 4 to 6 person houses. And it's like 10 to 15 minutes from the Mission Home. But it's alright. My area is pretty nice. Most of our area is in Projecto Nova Vida, where there are just tons of houses and buildings. Always somthing to do haha. 

Elder Castleton, Elder Garn and Elder Brown

And they already have some cool people, and were always trying to find more. One really cool guy is Arsenio. Very very happy guy, where the gospel just makes sense to him. He came to church and he will probably be baptized here in the coming month or so. 

Yesterday at church, Luanda 2 Branch and the Benfica Branch meet in the same building, I got to see a lot of my favorite people, and I will be able to every Sunday until the end. Haha it really made me miss being in that branch and seeing all them always, that was a great part of my mission. 

I recently read Elder Holland's talk from October 2012 conference, which is one of my favorites. How we have to be Christ´s disciples forever. Leave the things of the world behind because we really love God and Christ. And that's something I'm trying to recommit myself to do. Put off the Natural Man, and serve because I love God and I want to make others happy, and just be like Christ. Missionaries, like Christ, go one by one, family by family, giving the people the attention as if Christ was there. That's what I am learning. But yeah its going good, life is going good. Hope you all have a good week and always choose the right! Love you all!


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