Monday, March 31, 2014

Good Good Week

Oi! Family and Friends!

This week has been a good one for me. Not as much work as we had last week but it was still pretty good. So someone cool that we're working with is called Decolino. He is a guy who randomly showed up to church who lives in our area, he is pretty much blind. He can see big things and get himself around, but if he lived in the States, he would be considered legally blind. And at first I didn't really get him, like what he wanted from us or in life. I was confused, so we invited him to baptism and he accepted a date for the 26th of April. So he is doing really well and we're having a member pass by him to read to him throughout the week, so we shall see how he continues to progress. 

Also Arsenio, someone who was supposed to get baptized on the 12th dropped because his parents doesn't want him too..... He is 25 years old and living with them. So we had to delay his date for who knows when. But my goal is to see him get baptized before I leave. Hmm who else. Oh yeah there is Vladmir who is way cool, but I'm just going to wait until I get home to talk about his situation. It's pretty personal and I don't want that on the internet, but I'll for sure talk to about him when I get home. Also this past week was Manuel, one of our less actives, birthday so he came and walked with us in the morning and then we took him out for lunch, I think he had a good time. 

Also this week we got a new dupla to our district. An Angolan named Elder Bernardo, he is waiting for his visa to the Dominican Republic so he started his mission here, and he is with Elder Garcia in our district now, so that's pretty cool. 

I know Mom will like to hear this, my birthday packages from both Grandma and Mom, as well as my Easter package got here:) So thank you for that:) On Thursday me and Elder Castleton helped out President and Sister Merrill with the new Family History Center that there trying to get together here. Moved a lot of broken office furniture that's been sitting back in this one room, way dusty and nasty. Way gross. But it was fun, And it will be way awesome for Angola once that gets up and going here. 

Happy Birthday to Kell and Ridge! They just keep on growing, hope its a good one for ya guys! Weird that we're going into April here soon, and I'm going to be 21, I'm getting old. Also, cool thing next Sunday we are going to President's house for Conference to watch it live and stay there for the night. And then we are going on a Safari the next day! So way sick and coolness coming up. Well I love you all, another week come and gone, and not many more to go. Hope you all have a great week!


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