Monday, January 27, 2014

Rejection After Rejection

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was alot of hard work, alot. First off our areas switched up a bit because the branch boundaries for all the branches in the District were redrawn. So because of this our area was kind of stripped of investigators. So now we don't have too many, which meant we had to go and do finding. LOTS of finding. And we put in the most time of contacting in a week than I've had before in my mission. We put 7 1/2 hours of knocking doors. Also unfortunately, this was probably the most rejection I got on my mission in one week. It was bad unfortunately. But as long as we give people the choice to accept or reject that's all we can do. 

Wednesday was probably the worst. One door we knocked this guy comes out, he looks happy, I say were from the church, and then he just asks what state I was from. I said California, and then in perfect English, he starts yelling at me telling me I should go back there because homosexuality is legal there, that America needs help more than their country. He said he was from New Jersey so he knows, and America needs the Gospel and that we should go back and preach to them, to stop going to the poor in these African countries and taking advantage of them. Go back and preach to Obama, and if we wanted to make any difference in this country we could only preach to the President of Angola, Dos Santos, to have any impact here. He said do what Jesus did, he went to the top, he threw out the money changers. But then I told him that Jesus also taught the poor, and he really didn't like that comment. But yeah he shut the door in our face. That day was just hard, demoralized me a bit. But it's all good, I got help through the scriptures, the example of the great Nephite Missionaries. Suffered so many things, way worse than me, and still trusted in God and kept going with the work. They were amazing. 

Anyways, on Wednesday night, said goodbye to Elder Wilson and Elder McAllister. Way weird to say goodbye to them both. They are both amazing and can't wait to see them on the other side. We did find luckily three cool new investigators in what we call the Miracle Building. We found this one lady that we were able to knock on her door and go in and teach her the Restoration. Her name is Amelia and we got to know her very well. She is married, but her husband has like 2 or 3 other girls on the side. She is having a hard time. She also told us she has had a dream 2 or 3 times where two men come and help her or something like that. Her daughter answered the door, and then we asked her if we could talk to her mom. So she went and apparently she went back and told her mom that the two guys from your dream are here. So she truly believes we are sent from God so that's way cool. 

We also met this cool girl named Helga who could also become a real solid investigator. Then we met this guy named Gildo, an old Portuguese guy who doesn't like churches. Knocked on his door, came out to us and we asked him if he was religious and he said he didn't like churches. We asked him if he believed in Jesus Christ, and he said kinda. We kinda explained ourselves, who we were, and then for some reason he let us in and we talked to him. Told us his life story a bit and why he hates churches. And ya. He said for some reason something told him to let us in and talk to him. Other people have come and tried and he turned them away always. But for some reason he let us in. So were excited to see where he goes. 

But pretty much the work is true, no matter how many rejections it's still true. And I'm so happy that I have the knowledge of that. So grateful to my Heavenly Father that I have been blessed with this testimony. Glad that everyone is doing good. Crazy that 2 years ago I opened my mission call at Maeser Hall. And now I'm sitting here in Angola. Time flies. But I love you all and miss you all. Just got to buckle down these last 4 months. Love you all!


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