Monday, January 13, 2014

Pretty Cool Week

Oi Family and Friends,

This week was kind of crazy. But first off transfers, nothing really big, me and Elder Cafferty are staying together for a 3rd transfer
here in Cassequel. He isn't the happiest about that, but I'm excited for this coming transfer, we have some pretty cool people. For example, Rosa is doing good, progressing well towards her baptismal date. We also have this new guy named Quintas. Freakin huge guy that I sent a pic of. He is really cool and he doesn't have a church, and even better he is married in the registro. I already love him, and he showed up for Sacrament mtg yesterday so that's way awesome. 

We also have this way awesome guy named Sebastiao. We met him coming back to a house which we knocked like 4 weeks ago. We sat with him and his daughter, and he just asked question after question about being a missionary. He was amazed at what we are doing and for the reasons we do it. But we sat with him twice and it was way cool. He also came to church yesterday so were hoping that he will keep progressing and progressing. 

Three days in a row this week I walked with someone different, because Elder Cafferty had to do interviews and such, so I walked with Elder Stewart, Elder Domingos, and Elder Hanson. It was pretty cool. 

On Saturday we had Miriam´s baptism which we weren't really supposed to do anything because it was the Branch´s baptism, but they kind didn't do anything. So we had to clean the font, then fill it, set the room, etc etc. Miriam is part of a Portuguese family here named the Valdez. They're really cool and they feed us every Thursday for lunch. 

Also, I'm trying to continue to refocus myself and just keep doing the best I can. I studied about diligence alot this week and one thing that I realized in all the scriptures where it talked about diligence it also mentioned faith. Faith and diligence work hand and hand, and I need to continue to try and be more diligent and increase my faith. Because God can and will work miracles in this area, but only if I align myself to his will and am doing everything I possibly can. 

About the travel plans. I will talk with Irma Lasselelete here in Cassequel. She works in a government department and usually she knows alot about these kinds of things. I could probably get her to write a letter of invitation for you guys, and it would probably be a lot better that an Angolan citizen wrote the letter than an American. I'll talk to her and let you know. But yeah life is going good, crazy that January is already half over. But just livin and lovin life. Love you all and hope you all have a good week!


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