Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Highs and Lows

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week had its highs and lows, but most definitely was good. We
started off the week with this awesome lesson. Before the lesson, we were going to go and teach about the Plan of Salvation because in their family someone recently died, so we thought that this was the lesson that they needed. So we were preparing to go and leave for their house and I just have a feeling we should bring a Book of Mormon, and Elder Cafferty was like nah we haven't even talked anything about the Book of Mormon, we won't need one. I'm just like, I'm going to bring one, and I feel like we should bring two. And he was like nah if we do bring one we just need one not two. But I made us bring two. 

We go in there, we start the Plan of Salvation and this one girl named Daniela, she is 15, was finishing Elder Cafferty's sentences. We were like did you read the pamphlet, and she said ya only a lil bit. So then she says I do have a question though, What is the Book of Mormon? We explain it, and then the lesson goes everywhere. About the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, about Jesus Christ, about President Monson and the organization of the church, to temples, to baptism. Everything was guided by the spirit. It was unreal. But it turns out we needed those 2 copies of the Book of Mormon. Their names are Lavinah, Daniela, and Manuela. And we are praying for Lavinah because her job stops her from going to church and spending time with her family and she is trying to get a new job so we're praying for her to find a new job. 

Quintas is doing good, I love him, he is still doing good, but we're also praying for him that his job situation as well will change so he can come to church. Sebastiao is a champ. Came to church for the second time yesterday and he is just on fire, I'm really excited for him. Then Rosa won't be baptized on the 1st of February because she isn't coming to church, so we will work with her closer. 

Another Miracle that happened this week is we finally set a baptismal date in another lesson completely guided by the spirit, with an eternal investigator named Juana. Her husband was baptized like last May, but she hasn't, very long and frustrating story but we finally got her a date, a first for her so were stoked about that. 

Then yesterday we had a disappointing lesson. The spirit was just not there. And I think its because the family was already closed off to us before we even started. But pretty much there are those kind of people who only believe the Bible, that's its complete, and we don't need anything else for our salvation. We testified about the Book of Mormon, all that. We were going to get a return appointment, but the husband shot that down. He was just like
you guys are just going to waste your time, there are a lot more people here in Luanda who need to know more about Jesus, we can talk about anything in between Genesis and Revelation, but anything else like Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon isn't welcome here. You will never convince us. Real sad. Real real sad. 

That experience is going to be burned in my head for the rest of life, and I don't know why. I think it's because I saw and felt how Heavenly Father does. How he has viewed his children throughout history. And I don't judge them, maybe one day they won't be so hard hearted and they will accept the truth, I have no
clue. And in the past, something Ive realized lately, I would get
really frustrated with those people. But now I don't really care.
Obviously I want them to accept it and have more blessings and peace and happiness in their lives, it's what I really want them to have. But if they reject me, I don't get frustrated anymore. They used their agency, and it really doesn't matter if they reject me, I did my part. And no matter what I know this is true. God has shown me and told me that all this that I've learned in my life is true. I can't and will never deny this no matter what happens to me. 

I just have a feeling that were heading, the church and its members, are heading for a lot of persecution here in the future. And if we don't have strong testimonies we will fall. Please continue to work on your testimonies and faith everyday. Because you never know when it will be put to the test. When it's a choice between faith and reason. And where everything is pointing to the reason choice, but we have to choose the faith option. Just never give up on this work. So yeah that was our week.
Awesome that BYU Bball and Vball is doing awesome, hope they have a good week this week. The Superbowl seems like its going to be a good one. I'm doing good, it's real hot here, dead middle of Summer, but it's alright. Glad Grandma Brown is doing good, and hope everything keeps going good with her, Well I love you all and hope you have a good week!


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