Monday, January 6, 2014

First Week of a New Year!

Oi Family and Friends!

Happy New Years! 2014 here we are. This past week was fun. First off...New Years eve, we just had a dinner at Irma Lassalete's house then went home, and then we had to go to bed on time. So we went to bed but me and Elder Yeanoplos set an alarm at 11:55 and we were up for New Year's then went back to bed haha. Then New Years day we just played soccer at Cajueiro and had a bit of a barbaque. Got a little sunburn but it was a lot of fun for sure. 

Ok time for a spiritual part. We have this investigator named Rosa, and she is awesome, not the most knowledgeable woman but tons of faith. Well we passed this one day and she was way down, way way down. We asked what happened and one of her friends died, then her husband, who is an athiest, said all these mean and ugly names at their teenage daughter, causing her almost to jump out the window. She was just way down. We had no idea what to say or do. I just let the Spirit take over, I tried to do what the Savior would do if he was there. And it was just weird. 

Lately in lessons I've relied more on the spirit, what I should say, where the lesson should go, instead of following the structure we have. And I've seen differences. And its just weird, you can't describe the feelings and thoughts you get when the Spirit is directing you. You are literally an instrument in Gods hand, making someones life better. Its an amazing feeling. And we helped her get better, and comforted. She is going to be baptized the first day of February. 

Today we went to the Pra├ža and I got more stuff, I think this was my last trip until the end of my mission, but I will send pics of what I got, it was pretty sick. But I'm doing great, it's hot here, middle of Summer, but I'm holding up well haha. Loving the city, loving the people, loving life. Well that's all I can think of what happened this week. Everyone keep going strong haha. And I'm not going to be more hipster like, no no no. That is not me. Never will be me. I've changed, and I am different, but not that different. Sorry. Keegs is coming back, better than ever haha. Well love you guys and hope you all have a great


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