Monday, October 21, 2013

Wet Wet Week

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week we got very wet, very very wet. Haha but that's the
missionary life now isn't it. Well the Lubango Rains have officially started as it has rained at least once per day since Tuesday. And here the rain comes down hard. Like it hurts sometimes when it hits you. So we got soaking wet a couple of times this past week. Especially on Saturday, when the biggest storm I've ever seen hit us hard. And it started going when we still had 30 min to walk home, and then a 20 min walk to the Chapel for baptisms. It was so crazy, a very crazy experience. Wind and rain whipping everywhere, quite an adventure.

Well we finally got to the chapel for the baptisms, and we had 3
baptisms in the branch. One was ours whose name is Bia, and she actually comes from that Mahuilan tribe that I've talked about. Her aunt brought her from the tribe when she was like 9. So that was cool. And I also got to baptize her, so I was very honored. Her full name is Biatriz Daniela Tchatula Kamolola. But it was raining so hard. We were literally 2 feet from the speaker during the baptismal program and we couldn't hear them because the rain was hitting the roof so hard. Lighting everywhere, thunder, it started hailing, crazy. But that's my crazy story for the week. 

We have found some cool new people this week that hopefully will continue to progress and come to church, as well as
Zecarlos is still as awesome as ever, he is sticking with it, and I'm
sure he will be baptized. 

Spiritually I'm so grateful for the mercy of God. I'm not a perfect person, not even close. But although I'm not perfect, and I sin God still loves me and jsut wants me to get back up and keep going. He knows what I can become so he wants me to keep going. The danger lies in when we fall down and we stay down, and then
Satan has more and more power over us. But after we do something wrong, if wer humbly go before God, wanting to change with real intent, God will forgive us and continue to love us. And its hard sometimes to feel his love and mercy after you just sinned and distanced yourself from him. But he is always there, and thanks to our Loving brother Jesus Christ we can become clean again and overcome all of our weaknesses. Im just grateful because sometimes the weakness and the sin can be dishearteing, but trusting in God and the gospel you have a better perspective and hope. But yeah thats my spirtual 2 cents for the day. 

And that picture was some pork meat but on the skin it
still had the hair on it.... But life is good in Lubango, last week in
the transfer which is really weird because it hasnt felt like 5 weeks
already, just shows that time is passing fast. So we shall see about
transfers next week. And I wish I could send more pictures, but the
internet down here in Lubango is atrocious, I wish I was in Luanda, esp. since they have Dear Elder up there now. But oh well. Love you all and have a great week!


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