Monday, October 7, 2013

Slow Week!

Oi! Family and Friends!

This week was a long week. Why? I was mostly at home during the week as well when we did work we had to take it slow because Elder Cafferty got super sick this week. He was dead on Monday and never really got better during the week. He is still sick but not as bad. So we didn't go to the small animal park last Monday. 

Also I wish I could send some pics, but this computer wont read my card so I guess I'll try next week. So I had a lot of time studying the gospel, and also alot of time to think, which isn't the best thing for a missionary haha, but it was still a good week. I'm loving the New Testament. I started it a while ago and I'm in the middle of Acts right now, and it's awesome. Also I love the Book of Mormon, I'm getting right to the part with Alma the Younger and I just love reading it. It was a good study week. 

We did get to sit with Zecarlos again though, and he is golden. Still kind of weird, but he does everything we leave with him, he has come to church the last two times, it's awesome. I'm loving teaching him right now. The rest of our area is wishy washy but it will get better in the future. 

I really did miss General Conference this weekend. I really could have used that spirtual pickup. But I'll read the talks or
see it soonish like in 3 weeks. But I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. 

Also, we went to the hospital to do tests for Elder Cafferty. Yeah no one back in America can ever complain about the waits at the doctor or the hospital. I'll Take those waits over the chaos over here. Holy cow. Also just a random funny story.... so while we were home Elder Wilson and Elder Kearney left to work but they secretly put an egg on top of the door, so when we moved it, it would fall and break. Well I found it before it broke so I put it on their study room door. When they came in I told them that it already broke and I cleaned it up. Then unexpecting Elder Wilson goes into the study room and boom the egg falls just barely missing him. He let out a big yell that I tricked and faked him out. It was pretty funny. 

Well I hope this week will be better and I'm sure it will. The APs come on Thursday and Merrill's come on Friday for the weekend so that will be fun. But other than that, that's my life in Africa for the time being. 

I hope everyone will have a great week this week, and follow the counsel of our Prophets and Apostles this week to invite the spirit more into their lives. Love you all!


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