Monday, October 28, 2013

This Transfer Went By Fast!

Oi Family and Friends!

This transfer went by way fast! Way fast, this morning we dropped off Elder Kearney at the airport as he is flying to Luanda. And then in three days he is going home. Crazy. Time is flying. And also we found out about transfers today. I will be staying and I will be training Elder Andre, who is an Angolan who is waiting for his visa to the MTC and then on to Portugal. So who knows how long we will be companions but I'm just going to act like I'm going to be training him for the next 2 transfers. And I won't lie, I'm a little worried and nervous, and I feel inadequate for the job, but I'll just do my best, that's all my Heavenly Father wants of me. And I know also that my Portuguese is going to be so much better and increase in the following weeks, serving with a native. But yeah that'
s transfer news, oh ya, Elder Wilhelm also got transferred here so I'll be living with him again, and I'm so stoked, I love Elder Wilhelm. 

But yeah. This week was good. We found some cool people like this woman named Sheila. We knocked on her door Tuesday, and she said to come by tomorrow. Well the next day I was sick all day and couldn't get out of bed. And we didn't have her number so we couldn't call and tell her. Well then the next day were walking and she passes us in her car and honks at us. So the next day we go by and she says to come by the next day. So we do and she is really cool. She already sees the falsidades (falsehood) of other churches, so she doesn't have a church right now. And she said the other churches just couldn't answer her questions. We had a very nice get to know ya lesson, so hopefully she will be really cool. 

We also met with this former investigator that we found in our area book named Sergio. He believes that this guy named William Branhum was a prophet from Kentucky. Anyways, we realized that we couldn't bash against his prophet. It says in the Teachings of Joseph Smith that if we contend with other churches or religions we
would just bring persecution down on our heads, but if we just testify to them, the spirit will testify to them, and he said that by way of prophecy so I've really taken that to heart here. Because its really easy to bash against churches here. Anyways we testified of the Restoration and Joseph Smith, and the spirit was there, and he felt it. So we will see how he comes along. 

I heard my 2 packages got here in Luanda, so hopefully when people come down here in a couple of days they can bring my packages. Also thanks for the money on my VISA. This past weekend with Elder Kearney leaving, we got some good food. We ate at a members house on Saturday for lunch, and it was
really good. We ate crab, where you eat the legs, the eggs inside, and some other meat inside, with soup and fish and a good tomato and onion salad. It was pretty good, and then Saturday night Alex took us all out to this good Chinese restaurant, and it was weird having Chinese food, makes me want some Panda Express haha. 

Dear Elder its like the MTC, write a letter online and send it, the mission prints it out, and then theyll give it to me eventually haha. With the HEFY that would be really sick, I would be down to go. First choice Cape Verde, and then second Brazil. Look it up and see if there is chance or not and let me know. (I asked him if he is old enough to be a youth leader for HEFY would he want to go with Keller on a regular HEFY expedition or with Ridgely on the new 18-19 year old one to Cape Verde) 

I did come up with a few things I want for Christmas. One would
be the English Ensign of Conference, another is some Neutrogena Acne wash for the shower, and another is Bang Dodge City, ummmm, Videos that would work on my camera would be cool too, or burn it to a DVD, idk. Glad BYU won in Football and Bball, I'm so excited to get back to it, haha so bad. And I can't wait when they release next years schedule because I'll see all of them. But yeah, here we go on another transfer, hope it goes well. Love you all and have a great week!


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