Monday, October 14, 2013

Fun Weekend

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was pretty good. Elder Cafferty got better so that was good.But at the beginning of the week nothing was turning out for us. Things dropping, striking out left and right, it was hard not to get discouraged. But I have a cool story about a division that me and Elder Wilson went on in his area. So we went to this appointment with this recent convert. And he always has sat with the missionaries on the railroad tracks, because they are practically abondoned, rarely trains run on it. So were there teaching a lesson, and we get to the end to the prayer. And we look out in the distance and we see a one engine train car coming towards us, but it'
s aways off. But Elder Wilson goes "Uh oh, whose going to say the prayer" and the member says he will. Well he starts praying and we hear the train horn get louder and louder. And then for 30 seconds it's quiet, but we know its coming towards us. And the member is still praying, and I'm just nervously rocking a bit hoping he finishes soon. Well then all of the sudden the rails start shaking, and me and Elder Wilson both open our eyes and look down the track, and coming around this corner super fast, horn
blasting is this train. Thennn the member decides he wants to end his prayer, as he quickly said in the name of Jesus Christ amen, and we hopped off the tracks ASAP. With like 2 to 3 seconds to spare haha. That was a rush for sure. Haha good times, good times. 

Anyways, President and Sister Merill and The AP's came on Friday late afternoon so we got dinner with them. Saturday we played soccer in the morning, and then me and Elder Wilhelm left because it was just getting stupid. The thing was is that we left without a phone and the keys to the house. So we were wondering a bit in the city, and there was this event that was going on with music. Well me and Elder Wilhelm bought some of the music and we got it signed by these big Angolan Superstars in music, haha as well as I got a picture with two of them. Haha it was pretty funny and the other missionaries were jealous of us. 

But we had good lessons that day. Bia is getting baptized this Saturday so that will be super exciting. She has had a hard life, but she has overcame it and she is about to have an awesome life. Also that night we had a zone meeting which I always love to hear from Sister and President Merill, I enjoy it so much, and I know they were called here by God to help us here to have the best mission we can as well help the church grow here. 

Then Sunday was good, I was a little sick, and part of it was because of the Feijada that we had for lunch. I'll send a pic of something thats inside of it. But yeah good weekend. Sunday there was this little girl that was my best friend at church. I just wanted to take her home haha. We also had Ivo there who is an investigator from Luanda who used to be a basketball player, and when you shake his hand, your hand is just swallowed up and gone in his hand. 

But yeah right now were sitting in a cafe which is not the best,
but oh well. Our house is really good though and were a 15 min walk to the church. Yeah you can take over Mom and coordinate with Laura for BYU housing for us (for Keegan and 5 friends), I know you, so I know you will get us something good:) Christmas, idk really. When it gets there only 5 months left. Idk, I'll let you guys surprise me haha. And Ridgely can do whatever, she should write him back, but it's up to her haha. Well Love you all guys and I hope you all have a wonderful week!


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