Monday, August 19, 2013

Pretty Swell Week

Oi! Family and Friends,

This week was swell. We had some good lessons, made some good progress in our area, and nothing too bad happen to us this week, hey I call it a success. On Wednesday we had a zone meeting which was pretty good on Faith, Hope and Charity. It was really good and during this meeting I received a revelation about Danilson´s family. It was really cool, but pretty much what it came down to is I needed to make a goal with them to be baptized by the end of the year, which is a big deal because they also have to be married before they are baptized, and marriage here takes a longggggg time. But that's the feeling that I needed to do. 

Well the rest of that day I was with Elder Mariquele on a division in Futungo, and we walked around for like 3 hours because things fell through. Also at this convience store I broke a glass bottle of juice, but it wasn't my fault, the check out place where you put the stuff on was curved at the end, so I wasn't paying attention and set it on that part, so it fell off and broke. And apparently, I didn't see, but the store manager lady apparently had "I'm going to kill someone" face, but then when she saw I was white, she calmed her self. They wouldn't let me pay for it, But c'mon, who makes a rounded edge for something like that, so stupid. Whatever. 

Anyways, Thursday was pretty cool. We passed this new family in our ward who moved from Portugal, where the daughter has like a year or two in the church, the mom and the son is coming up on two months. And us coming over that day must have been an answer to her prayers or something like that, because, I don't know how to explain it, but you just knew she was praying for us. And it's really awesome to be an answer to someone's prayers. To be led by the spirit and the Lord to help make someone's life happier and better, it's the most awesomest feeling in the world. 

We also had the lesson with Danilson to challenge them. And what do you know, the Lord keeps watching out for us, and right before we came, Danilson was studying about baptism in the Teachings of Lorenzo Snow, perfect set up. Well it was really good, we challenged them and taught them about Faith and Miracles, and if we trust in the Lord with all of our hearts, never doubting, anything is possible. It was such an amazing lesson, Danilson felt it, he told me. So were going to keep having faith and help them accomplish this goal. I can't leave Angola without them being baptized, I just can't. I love them too much. 

Saturday was kind of rough but we had Helping Hands in the morning which was helping with a blood drive. I was on the streets with Elder Fontaine trying to get people to come in and donate blood, and it was way harder to ask people for their blood then to hear the gospel, way harder. Also me and Elder Fontaine talked about how to make Disneyland better, because he loves Disney just like me. It was good. 

Our lessons fell through except for a couple, but it was typical Satuday. We did get pulled off the street by this couple, a woman who was drunk and a man that was buzzed. And they wanted to know a little bit about the church, and really try to share their church with us, like converting us. When she was talking to me she held up her hand in this jedi force hand hold, and I knew exactly what church she was from, Messianic. I've already had contract with them, but they go and get this book of the teachings of their Japanese prophet and make me read some stuff. I read a bit, but I stopped, it was dumb. Well at the end of it all, they make me take home their sacred book to read and study, and then I have to come and give back one of these days. So now I have this book at home. It was weird. But yeah that was pretty much the week. 

Yeah the missionaries still meet up for soccer but not at President's house. I got the package, thanks so much! It was so awesome. Everyone loves the new bang expansions as well I love the Mormon Messages. So good and I can't wait for the next package. I am also having some African pants made for me that I will pick up on Wed. I bought some Pano and brought it to a lady to sew, so those pants I was wearing in those one pictures, yeah I should be getting those:) 

Weird that Ridge is going up to BYU and the season starts up here real soon. Time just keeps on going by. Question is will Ridgely still write me at BYU? Haha I hope she gets along with Ana, I'm sure they will. Well that's about it. Hope everything is going good this week, weird that summer is already winding down, haha but it's going to start heating up here in a bit, which I'm not excited about but oh well. Until next week, Love you guys!


P.S. I forgot, but I'm going on a SAFARI next Monday. So I don't know if I will be able to send out an email next Monday, so just be prepared if it comes on Tuesday. And hopefully the Safari works out as well. Also Kell, Ridge, and Kade are getting so big, wow. Cant believe it. Love you guys!

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