Monday, August 26, 2013

Very Good Week

Oi! Family and Friends,

How is everybody doing? I'm doing good and we got some work done this week for sure. We had some really good lessons this week strengthening recent converts and less active, as well keep helping our investigators along. I don't really remember too much of this week because I just got off the SAFARI, and my brain is a little fried haha, but I will try my best. 

Well we were supposed to have a baptism this last Saturday but it kind of fell through with Antonio. He is kind of weird and crazy but he will get baptized one day for sure. He kept saying that he was convinced that it was all true, but after awhile he finally said he has never prayed about these things. He kind of fought a little bit to get baptized this past Saturday but we shut him down. Sometimes he is frustrating, like I ask him "Did you pray about these things since the last time we talked?" And then he goes off into a 10 minute rant of some random life story. Frustrating but I'm having patience with him. 

Our branch had 9 baptisms this last Saturday so our little branch is growing now, so that's awesome. But we really worked hard and got a good number of lessons in. Sunday we went to Irma Zingas House for lunch and it was a good ol fashion Angolan Dish. Funge, with Kizaka, Feijao and this Chicken in this peanut sauce. It was pretty good. 

Sorry I'm gapping on things right now, we woke up at 4:30 in the morning today because we had to be at the chapel at 6. But today was so awesome, it really felt that I was in Africa. It was really magical too, no kidding. I got some cool pics and videos of some things, and this place is really slow with uploading because I'm not at the usual place I do internet so I might be able to get out one maybe two. But wow, it really is indescribable. Felt I was in the Lion King, it was just so awesome. At the base camp place there were monkeys everywhere so we had some bread and fed the monkeys. They would come right up to you and take it out of your hand, it was soo cool. 

Then we loaded up in these big ol trucks, and off we went. We didn't see all too much, but just being out in the African wilderness was enough for me, and the animals were just a bonus. Well we saw a ton of giraffes. Before we even got to the safari place, a giraffe was just standing in the road, I got a cool pic of that. And there were like 7 of them right there, so cool. We didn't see too many animals, giraffes, monkeys, wildebeast, onix, antelope, cool birds. Only the other truck saw an elephant and apparently it wasn't that cool because it was really old and looked like it was about to die. But overall, I was fulfilled. Check that off my bucket list. African Safari, one of the most awesomest things in the world. 

In two weeks the other Zone is going to go, because it was only our zone. Yeah I'm sure the package should get here soon. So weird that Ridge is going to BYU this week and the season starts up in 5 days. Ahhhhhh. It's also weird I'm hitting my 9 month mark until I'm home, just gotta keep on trucking. And that's so cool that you were extras in the movie and saw Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner. How did you pull that? Well I love you all! I hope you know that:) Have a great week and be safe and follow the spirit! Love you guys:)


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