Monday, June 17, 2013

Better Days!

Oi Family and Friends!

This week was better than the last, thankfully. So beginning of the week we taught this new investigator named Ana Mira. She is a funny little old woman, haha I can't even describe her, I can only explain in person how she is like, but she is pretty funny. Sat with her twice this week. Gave her a Book of Mormon the first time and when we came back she had already read some, which here is a hard thing to do for investigators. That's one of the challenges here, getting people to read on their own and gain that testimony. But we shall what will happens with her. She is kind of crippled so I'm worried about her getting to church so we shall see. 

The next day I went on a division with Elder Hobbs, which was pretty fun. We did a lot of walking though, because in the middle of the day we helped out Amareldo paint his house, so that was good service. Friday was pretty good, we had a pretty spiritual lesson with Alvaro which I hope helps out his problems that he is having in his life. And then we were knocking doors earlier in the day, and we talked with this woman to come back at night and teach. So we go back, and it's like this perfect family. It would only be more perfect if they were actually married. But we had a good spiritual first kind of lesson. Hopefully we can stick with them and they will progress super well. 

Saturday was Amareldo and Arnaldo's baptisms. Super super cool, super super awesome. So happy for them and they were so excited too, it was so awesome. And then it was a pretty good Saturday, nothing too spectacular. Then yesterday Elder Hobbs and Elder Harper made a contact Saturday night, married man super cool, named Cadete. They invited him to church, and he came, only the last hour, but he came. And he lives in our area and we're sitting with him this Tuesday, so awesome. 

So that's a little run down of our week. That is so awsome that Ridgely graduated and now preparing for BYU, freaking crazy man. Everyone is just growing up. Thanks for the quotes mom, they really helped:) Summer is in full swing now and it's my last summer out here. Weird. Its going to go by fast, I know it. 

Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY Dad! I hope you had a good one, and Mom says you got the golf bug again, which is awesome. Can not wait to get back out there on the course with you. Also I spent some of my personal money on 2 CDs and some more things at the Praca, they are pretty cool. Well I'm trying to think what else I can say but there isn't anything coming to mind....Oh yeah next week is transfers so we will see what happens to me here in a week. Well I hope everyone has a good week and a great start to summer!


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