Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfer 5 Begins....

Oi Family and Friends!

Well another week come and gone. Transfers are that I'm staying with Elder McAllister here in Viana. So another 6 weeks here in Viana. Which I don't know exactly how I feel, some parts of me wanted to go, and some just wanted to experience something new and get off this repetitive schedule here. But parts of me never want to leave here because I really do love it here, the members, the people, the area, etc. So I'm good with staying:) And we have some new potential investigators that seem that they could be really cool this transfer. Anyways thats that. 

This week was a hard one for me and Elder McAllister. We didn't get to sit with alot of people like we wanted too, and near the end of this week I was sick so that wasn't too fun. But it's done and gone and we will just try to make this next week even better than the last. 

My cooking skills have been super good this past week. I made two pretty good duck dishes for my roommates as well as this tuna dish and homemade animal style fries which were the bomb, so good! So I will be cooking like a boss when I get back haha;) 

On Wednesday was Jo´s B-Day so I passed by her house and brought some soda and chocolate and such. I love that family:) I took a lot of pictures on Sunday because I didn't know what was going to happen with transfers, so you will be getting some of those today. 

This week I got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Benham, and Laura´s letter that she wrote on her plane ride home for Christmas break:), and her family christmas card:) Haha she is too funny sometimes for her own good:) But that was super fun to get this week and read, and hopefully packages get here or turn up before you know it. 

We have this really cool investigator named Josue, and I love him so much. He actually comes to things that we tell him about! But seriously, we are going to talk to him about baptism, and getting married and such so we will see how that goes, but he will be baptized one day! 

Yeah the scanned copies of those letters were way too big for me to read so I couldn't read any of them. And thanks for the advice dad, its really goes a long way. It's good BYU BB is doing good and I'm hoping for a miracle this week haha. Life just keeps on going here in Angola. I should be sending that photo card next week so be excited for that! Other than that, everything is good. Love you all and keep up all the good work! and I love the support as well!


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